Thursday, April 14, 2022

Love To Ukraine, A Tribute Collection by Tetyana Golota at Vancouver Fashion Week, April 7, 2022, By Dianna Drahanchuk

Photos and Writing by Dianna Drahanchuk

Tetyana Golota, Ecostylist, is a multi-talented local Designer who was born in Ukraine and saw the need to raise awareness about the war there and to showcase people and culture at great risk of being lost, without support from the world. I thank my friend, Dianna Drahanchuk, also of Ukrainian Heritage, tor her descriptions and photos of the spectacular runway performance. From Tetyana's heart to ours. We cried, cheered and stood for her and her wonderful team. A sea of yellow and blue for PEACE in UKRAINE! 

Tetyana always credits her team and here they are:

Dovbush Dancers, Lorramoviestudio, Springvibesphoto, Elana Lalky, Alicia Golota, Obananova 1978, Kseniia Lieontieva, Julia_lcg, KRistina77785, iamdreamerforlife, Olena_Zakharchenko, Katie_andison, Layla_Vancouver.

Tetyana Golata’s collection at Vancouver Fashion Week 2022 started with videos that contrasted the ordinary everyday life of the Ukrainian people only months ago with heart wrenching scenes from the past month.  

Tears came with the first model who wore a lovely large floral crown (vinok) and wielded a shield with Ukraine’s trident (trezub) symbol of independence.

The models’ colorful outfits were richly embellished with an abundance of traditional embroidery as they walked the runway with fierce pride.

A number carried floral shawls, like the one my father brought me from Ukraine about 40 years ago, arranged on their body in various ways.

The fashions were followed by a group of exuberant Ukrainian dancers who significantly brought the mood up from despair, to thoughtfulness, to one of hopefulness.

The final procession of all models and dancers was headed by the offering of a decorated round loaf of bread (kolach) customarily used as a humble greeting for guests.

Tetyana received a well-deserved standing ovation for her outstanding effort.

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