Monday, February 28, 2011

CONTEST!!! With Love Lingerie Bustier up for a Grabs!

A short while ago I met Carrie of With Love Lingerie at a Toronto Fashion Incubator sale at the Drake Hotel! She was so warm and excited to talk about her lovely lingerie line. We decided to do a collaboration and what better than a CONTEST!!!!!!!! See image of the prize below: Carrie's latest floral bustier! Good LUCK!!

From Mon. Feb 28th- Fri. March 4th

So here's how it works: Contest is open to those in Canada and the United States. All you have to do is leave a witty comment about why you want this fabulous floral bustier.."This floral bustier will....." the funnier and wittier the better! Also, you must like Carrie's With Love Lingerie page on facebook and follow my blog (Clothes Line Finds) and you're done!! Names will go into a draw and be announced shortly after. For more styles visit

An Interview with Carrie

A: How did you get your start?

C: I went to U.W.O and earned a B.A is English and Visual Arts, from there I went to college for Fashion Design and Construction. Through-out design school I loved playing with the relationship that clothing and personality play a role in our lives.

I have worked as a successful lingerie designer for other companies in the past and feel it is time to express what my idea of lingerie is. I’ve matured and feel ready to take on the demands that accompany starting your own business. There is a definite challenge in wearing all the hats that are required but it is so rewarding to see my true point of view come to life in the form of lingerie.

A: Why lingerie?

C: I’m just a real girly, girl and love how much lingerie is for the most part hidden but still says so much about the personality of the individual wearing it.

A: Why do you think lingerie is important for women?

C: There is no piece of clothing more intimate than lingerie, so I am attracted to creating garments that allow modern women to express themselves, for themselves. We go through our days and seldom does anyone know what is under our outer-garments, we hold a tantalizing secret, a secret that lies somewhere between our skin and our silks.

A: What is one piece of lingerie every woman should own?

She should for sure own a slip! I am shocked at how many women don’t. I recommend the Femme Chemise as a slip from this season’s With Love collection as it has both a bit of soft padding in the cup and is perfect for under that high waisted pencil skirt or vintage inspired dress for Spring. A slip is the key to making sure your look is polished and lady-like.

A: What social media do you currently use?

C: I use facebook! It is so easy to keep everyone in the loop about what is going on here at With Love Lingerie.

A: What is your favorite piece in your spring collection?

C: I really like the bloom romper. It is made of modal fabric so is super soft and comfy but is still cute and sassy to wear for breakfast in bed. The colour is a amazing too, the pink/coral tone looks great with every skin tone.


Shauna Rae said...

"This floral bustier will..... bring out my spring libido that has been all but dormant this winter! I NEED TO GET LAID!"

colleen said...

The floral bustier will go perfectly with my tap shoes. "Though April Showers(and snow) may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May.." Shuffle toe and Buffalo and touch my hat and my bustier!!

Anonymous said...

This floral bustier me get a date for a special wedding coming up and Anthea knows I need all the help I can get ;)

Michelle Pyxus said...

This floral bustier will... Hopefully help me find a MAN! At this point I'm ready to rock that gorgeous bustier out solo (well, maybe with some hot skinnies on the bottom) ;) I need all the help I can get - where are the MEN!?

Plus - I have to say I'm in love with Carrie's work.. had the pleasure to meet her through the TFI Drake show as well and became a fan immediately!
XO michelle

Johanne said...

Read my tulips: This floral bustier will burst your petals and score me some bulbs!

Clara Campelo said...

lovely blog!

ahorn2 said...

This floral bustier will... be the perfect way to bust out of winter and turn my bust line from looking like two shying violets to two perky peonies!

Eyeliah said...

"This floral bustier will help me pull off a new burlesque routine, good girl gone bad"

Andrew McGregor - The Hermit's Lamp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

This floral bustier will make me feel like 100% name means flower, i have a flower tattoo...all that is missing is the floral bustier...don't you think? If only I could also sweat perfume...

vanessa said...

This floral bustier me show off my new body and maybe land me the man i have been undressing with my eyes for way to long....

I miss you Carrie!!

Connie said...

This floral bustier will...
Give my tatas a lift.
They're on a downward shift.
The old girls are kind of sad.
Some flowers would make them glad.
A little pick-me-up.
To help them strut their stuff.
Ta ra ra boom de ay.
I need a boost ee ay.

Katie B said...

This floral bustier will give me the b (cup) in bustier!! The wall may no longer be jealous...only the boys who can't have me.

Ashley said...

Love that bustier! I wish I was funny, but I *so* am not, so I'm not even gonna try! But kudos to whoever wins this, it's gorgeous!


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