Sunday, November 21, 2021

I wore my red beret and fascinator to meet Maria Curcic and see her opulent hats, Saturday, November 20th at Fluevog Shoes on Granville. My black Fluevogs came along, as did a fabulous Christmas sparkler by Carolyn Bruce. My photos reflect by love of berets and all accessories that Maria adds to hers. But of course, she does more, much more as marvelously detailed in Andrew Jackson's interview with Maria, here. YAM Magazine, Victoria's Lifestyle magazine also interviewed Maria here.

Fluevogs are her go to shoes and the message is clear: Dress up head to toe. Wear color and dress with imagination and statement.

For more info: 1 604 688 2828 or visit or via Instagram at hatgoddess.

Thanks to Maria Curcic, Andrew Jackson and Marydora Winden for an afternoon of great company and great style!.

Kudos again to Jillian Mundy for her stunning mural outside of Fluevog on Granville. I want those designs on my next hat!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

 It was her first collection and Aranka Jacoba Scheeper was on the runway for the first night of Vancouver Fashion Week, live, not virtual, for the first time in a very long time. So glad to see both! 

Aranka's collection is such a thoughtful tribute to the Danish Military Home Guards and their service during lock down. I was impressed with her eye for detail and how she made a uniform into style. I liked the colours, the pockets and tags and the idea of lone flower. Wanting to know more, I reached out for an interview,  to which she enthusiastically responded: "Being at Vancouver Fashion Week was an Amazing experience. Everybody was so nice and the audience received my collection so well."

Q: Where are you from and does this influence your collection?

A: I've lived in Denmark my whole life. I also took my my BA in Fashion Design at Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (SAFD) Copenhagen. I'm connected to my Dutch roots when it comes to my Designs.

Q: Have you shown your collection elsewhere? If not, was this your first time at Vancouver Fashion Week?

A: I just graduated this summer so this is my first time ever showcasing a collection. I think people were still able to relate to the whole lockdown/isolation inspiration.

Q: What is your favorite piece from your collection?

A: It is hard to pick a favorite between all the pieces because I've had an amazing journey and process in making every single item. I'm most proud of the duvet jacket because of how hard it was to make it with the machines. The white jumpsuit was hard too because each flower had to be individually made.

Q: Where will you go from here?

A: My biggest Dream is to have my own fashion brand. For now, I would love for the collection to travel the world. Photo shoots and red carpet....

Q: What is a good title for an article for you and your work? Actually I love the title: "Lone Flower" but I might add the word, "hope". 

A: Here is a quote that describes my collection really well: "We have all been trapped flowers looking outside every day, hoping for a post pandemic world."

Bravo, Aranka! What a wonderful first collection! I look forward to following you! See more Vancouver Fashion Week schedule Oct. 22, 2021.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

A great variety of local and international Designers shone on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week #vfwss22! The opening and closing shows, introduce and reinforce that eclectic mix of Costume, Fantasy, Classic Traditional and Ethnic Design that can be seen in Vancouver. We travel but the world comes to us, here. 

KAKA TheLabel

Angelina Wu is a Vancouver based Designer who says: "I want to highlight the juxtaposition between the cultural heritage that I grew up with in contrast to the ever growing universality of the 21st century." (VFW) The stunning video background for her show features ink washes by Graphic Artist, Vivian Zhan!


Samantha Reichert is Canadian of mixed heritage: Indigenous, French and European are her roots. Her debut collection features12 hand crafted pieces showing the flora and fauna of the Canadian landscape. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are important, here. More here at Maison Du Mardi.


A highlight of this collection is the vibrant gold, pink and turquoise pieces. Very wearable and figure flattering. More here at Jordan Kendrick.


Canadian collection out of Winnipeg by Debbie designs of Sugar Coats Winnipeg and has a great story to tell. Beautiful coats are hard to find and I especially liked the black jacket with large white buttons. Jamal Abdourahman, Producer of Vancouver Fashion Week introduced Debbie and her husband as this is her first time, here.


From Korea, this collection is about an imaginary girl, Daisy as pictured by Designer, Julianne. Sustainability, freedom and a sunny California day are featured here. More on her website at Julianne Daisy.


Dutch from the Netherlands,  Designer Laila Verseput gives us Clothing and Jewelry for women and men. Fabrics, range of styles and fabulous sparkle and shine made for a great collection. More her at Elegant Curiosities.


ANK by Amrit is a Bridal Wear line from India. Vibrant colours and fabrics, for sure. More on Instagram here ankbyamrit

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