Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vintage Fashions in Fuji City!

Another week and another magnificent weekend in Japan. I spent my Saturday night in Fuji City and had a great time at the Land of Oz and Leah's Apartment with some friends. Today was a beautiful day and as we went for our morning Mosburger breakfast we stopped by a vintage store called Cozy Used Clothing Shop that Leah has been raving about! Turns out the owner has been to Vancouver and Toronto! Not only that, but he loves Value Village! The store is really great and features all sorts of vintage treasures including: doc martens, vintage sunglasses, dresses, coats and bangles. The store has been open for three years and is an absolute gem!

I first noticed this magnificent old fashioned key in the cabinet at the front of the store. It had no chain with it and I didn't bring a silver one with me to Japan. The owner managed to find a cool chain for me though and I was sold at 1,400 yen which is about ten to twelve dollars depending on your currency. It's a great find and really unique and I have never owned anything like it. Over a greasy burger at Mosburger, Leah insisted that I put it on with my gold necklace that I was wearing. I had never thought of pairing gold and silver together. The necklace I was wearing was the one that I bought at Hanjiro. It is a bunch of fake coins of mutliple metal colors bunched together with a cute fabric bow. The two necklaces actually look kind of cute together. What's your take on silver and gold?

The store owner has really great English! He also has a great website (see link above). I have often visited great vintage and second hand boutiques that do not have websites. Nowadays the internet is becoming an important tool for getting the word out about your talent. Bloggers who visit stores can link to them and help to provide international coverage. You can also send bloggers your store website and ask them to feature your store! We love supporting the stores we frequent :) What is your favorite vintage store that you visited on a trip?

In other news, next weekend we are going to an International Festival in Fuji! It is sure to be full of excitement and fun vendors. I also took a bunch of pictures on my adventure to Yokohama but haven't had a chance to post them. Will do it soon. Tokyo Fashion Week is rapidly approaching, along with all of the other fashion weeks and the Oscars! I just saw Benjamin Button this weekend and I have to say that it was fabulous! What did you think? My first movie experience in Japan was something else, that's for sure. There is designated seating and it costs 1,800 yen for a regular admission ticket. Wow! I just finished reading The Great Gatsby and I am reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am becoming a huge fan. Next on my list is Benjamin Button. I am so greatful to have a marvelous library here in Numazu because books are expensive! Everything is actually really expensive in Japan! There is definitely no sign of a recession, at least as far as I can tell. People are shopping like crazy here and everyone looks fabulous! What are you reading right now?!

The Outside of the Store!
The owner!
The beautiful key necklace I bought! What do you think?
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