Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tetyana Golota (@ecostylist) First Up at Vancouver Fashion Week #vfwfw2023

Tetyana Golota, was first on the runway, to open Vancouver Fashion Week and has designed another tribute to her country of origin, Ukraine! In LOVE TO UKRAINE, she shows her intricate craft skills, learned from her grandmother. The embroidery, cross-stitch and woven belts, often in red, blue and gold are fine craft examples. The floral headpieces worn by the DOVBUSH dancers are also very much part of Ukrainian traditional costume. The dancers belong to a 70 year old Ukrainian, club, here and I love how they are a range of ages, wonderful proof that traditions are being passed on and practised by all. This time, blue jean jackets, owned by Tetyana and painted by a friend, carried the flag colours, blue and yellow and blue and yellow faces of the people. Jean jackets are worn all over the world and have long been a canvas for culture, fashion and story, everywhere. Really, they are denim history books. 

The Designer handbags are Tetyana's and are consignment and thrift store sourced. They are colourfully enhanced with a Ukrainian scarf, flowing from beneath the zipper in each. The long gold and blue skirts can be paired with jackets for a more informal look, but can also be accessorized up for the grandest ball. 

Emily, a BC Gymnastics Award winner (two weeks ago) brought the house down with her outstanding rhythmic gymnastic performance that set the whole tone for Love to Ukraine. This was a whole new show, but there were just as many accolades and people dressed in the blue and gold to pay tribute.

Tetyana posts a daily story on her instagram so please have a look for more design details. We have written up the last shows on the blog here: (Love to Ukraine Vibrant Culture and Craft  (and Dianna's)

Marilyn R Wilson has also interviewed Tetyana at

My favorite photos are here: 

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