Saturday, April 28, 2018

Art! Vancouver - Opening Night, April 19. 2018 - Surrounded!

Tell me how the Director of Art!Vancouver, Lisa Wolfin, has the time to organize this fabulous exhibit of more than 70 Artists, April 19-22 at Canada Place, write, paint and be such a presence on the runway and everywhere else throughout the event! The theme, this year, is Ignite Your Voice, and that is certainly apparent as the Artists are present, both at their booths and on the stage. Love, love the paintings, photography and carvings, being walked, danced and held high in celebration along the stage, for a dynamic showcase at the Gala. This is the second time I have been at Art!Vancouver, and I thank Dorothy Grant,  for tickets. Her beautiful shoulder dress with matching capelet, "Raven Comes Full Circle" and Raven Eagle Shawl Collar, with embroidered white shirt sporting the Eagle Design,  are fabulous examples of how clothing can be created to illustrate culture, history, geography and life stories. More about Dorothy in an interview with Dianna Drahanchunk and at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week.

Not every piece of Art was on the runway but would love to see them all there, doing different presentations every day of the event. I would walk the line for the stunning photographs of East Vancouver: Meet me at the Lam(p)ost. See them at

Artists from all over the world can be found at Art!Vancouver: Canada, USA, Albania, China, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Oman, Ghana, Sudan, Qatar, India, UK, Ukraine and more. People of all ages, cultures, languages and love of the Arts, all together, dressed up and made this an interactive, joyful Art Gala. A huge white and grey concrete space, splashed with vibrant colours and brought to life by Artists and those who love Art.

Bow to Lisa Wolfin and her terrific crew for 2018 Art!Vancouver. My first visit is detailed here.

 Lisa Wolfin and The Maestro of Magic, Stephen Kaplan, open the Art Runway Show

 Maureen Coles: Not Forgotten

 Taisha Teal with "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" and Skyla Wayrynan

 Dorothy Grant: Raven Comes First Circle Dress 
and Raven Eagle Shawl Collar Jacket and Eagle Shirt

 Dorothy Grant: Raven Comes First Circle Dress

 Wesley Seeley: Soaring Eagle These were sold for
a lodge being built in Wyoming: Two Eagles.

 Nihal Omer: Sudan Photography

 Lisa Wolfin and her work on display

 Colleen: Pavlova Necklace by Carolyn Bruce, Silk by Cassie Dee, Dianna's dress by First Nations Designer, Derek Jagodzinski, Luxx Label from Edmonton

 Dorothy Grant: Summer Raven

Dorothy Grant: Red Raven

Dianna, wearing Derek Jagodzinksi's Luxx label and Colleen wearing Carolyn Bruce Necklace and Cassie Dee silk wrap, dress courtesy of My Sister's Closet
Credit to Nahla Hopfe for the photo

Colleen, Dianna and Nahla Hopfe at the Gala
Credit to Nahla Hopfe for the photo

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