Saturday, May 12, 2018

Historical Costume Designer: Jessica Pedersen

Jessica dressed up for the last SMOC event, April 22, and since she made her outfit, 50's overalls and top, I wanted to find out more  I find it very interesting to watch the very important first steps of emerging designers and see their paths to fascinating projects and careers in the Arts. Currently working on the TV series: Bletchley Circle, San Francisco, a spin off the original, Jessica is applying her skills to the 1956 period. Her first love is for European 19th century; for her, historical fashion is all about the history.  She says, for her, it is truly wearable Art. Her first project made, by hand, was her own 1860's Victorian Ball Gown. She has made many other historical fashions since.

SMOC member, Jessica has seen many of Ivan Sayers' fashion shows and also has access to his entire collection, an invaluable resource for designers looking for historical accuracy in design and fabric. And then, of course, is the story of where each originated, who wore it and where, the cost and the way each look may be seen, in some way, shape or form, today.

Jessica's go to store is Dressew Supply on Hastings. I invited her to go round the corner to button, button on Homer, too. And then, there is the construction part of it. She likes the materials but then, also likes to build or construct the costume. Her background is in Fine Arts, especially painting, but she likes to make and see her creation come to life. Back to wearable Art and to fashion as Art.

Happy to be following her heart, she advocates, "...shooting for the stars and landing on the moon." More about Jessica Pedersen at IG: her_costume_fantasies and FB: Jessica Pedersen Costuming. She has also made a music video, The Lament, which explores her costume designing journey so far.

I invited Jessica to meet me MySister'sCloset to have a look at our designer section and also at the formal dresses, just to see some of the beautiful donations we get on a daily basis. She could wear any of them with style and that perfect eye for the perfect dress.

Thanks for a fabulous afternoon and we all look forward to seeing more of Jessica Pedersen.

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