Sunday, April 10, 2016

ECO FASHION WEEK: 10 Seasons of Old and New: Press Preview 2016

It's all about partnership in sustainability practises: minimizing waste, recycling, upcycling and educating! In her exciting overview of what you must see this week: April 10th - 14th, Myriam Laroche detailed a well planned schedule of leadership events, sustainability in industry today seminars, slow fashion/eco always runway shows, showroom, the craft in action and much, much more:

An example of one partnership is EFW, Value Village and VCAD creating a 30 piece collection from 81 pounds of second hand clothing. 81 pounds because that is the average amount (per North American) of clothing that goes into the landfill, each year. So, on the runway at the beautiful Fairmont Waterfront, VCAD emerging designers will present their collections, upcycled and restyled from recycled fabrics from Value Village. This is actually a 4 way partnership and beyond, since, we, the audience will also learn and even wear these designs.

More new this year: RYU Athletic Brand (Respect Your Universe) Avalon Dairy, Jim Pattison BillBoard Ads for EFW, and two designers I know who are new at the show: Tetyana Golotta and Carolyn Bruce, sure to dazzle and delight. To mention a few more  local wonders: Nicole Bridger, Jason Matlo, John Fluevog. Kim Cathers, Evan DuCharme...well I can talk, but you really must see their designs and become partners in the ECO FASHION movement. It's a must!

Dianna Drahanchuk and Mel (My Sister's Closet Vancouver
and Terry Sasaki (Sasaki Gallery)

Myriam Laroche, President/Founder ECO Fashion Week

Alfonso Arnold, Lead Photographer Extraordinaire EFW

Fabulous Fairmont Waterfront Staff 
EFW partnership for 3 remarkable years

Alex who knows where and what the 
best coffee is and its partnership with EFW

More very hardworking EFW family

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