Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kim Cathers - The 68 Pound Challenge/Spring/Summer 2013 - Eco Fashion Week

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

Every year, the average North American discards 68 pounds of still usable clothing into the landfills.  Kim's challenge for her 2013 ECO Fashion Week runway show was to salvage 68 pounds of men's suits and sweaters from local Value Village stores, and design a collection to show how such gorgeous fabrics can be reused, recycled and repurposed. Every item has potential; think of the waste when things are thrown into the garbage rather than being 'regifted', donated or remade.

Kim is a local designer who continues to lead the way with her own fashion line, Kdon, which is a recycled ECO friendly line, featuring handmade, draped items of organic materials, sustainably grown.  Who else could so capably create the challenge and then create outfits that are absolutely one of a kind, head turners that prove that fashion is beautiful but also needs to be green.

A "textile recycling activist", Kim's show and unique designs are a highlight of ECO Fashion Week Vancouver.  A long time sewer, Blanche Macdonald Grad, model, store owner, Project Runway finalist, she has the skills and experience to always lead the pack!

When I look into my husband's closet now, I will be thinking about how good those suits, sweaters and even those silk ties, could make me a whole new look.I can see short, fitted skirts, sweaters with no fuzzies or sags, vests, and even a fabulous dress to wear to a masked ball. I'm hearing the fabulous music, dancing around in my vintage heels and putting my hair up and maybe adding a fascinator.  Oh, oh, I can't sew.  Of course, without Kim to drape, pleat, shape and design, I might be in trouble.'

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