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ECO Fashion Week - Seminar: Rethinking Second-Hand by Myriam Laroche and Anny Leclerc - Value Village

A bit about Eco Fashion Week by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

As always, registration is smooth at ECO Fashion Week and staff are efficient, welcoming and multi-tasking.  Pony tailed Jacqui, immediately says, "hi" and smiles.  Dona, (Styled by Dona) and Joana managed phones, computers, texting and tweeting with ongoing enthusiasm and, of course, style! The first day was sunny and gorgeous at Robson Square and when they weren't at the photo wall, (outfits on camera) attendees were soaking up the rays and watching the action.

Seminar #5: Rethinking Second-Hand, was delivered by Myriam Laroche, Founder of ECO Fashion Week and Anny Leclerc, Director of Supply Chain for Value Village, Canada.  Anny described the 60 year business of Value Village, its partnerships and its 150 Non Profit partnerships, as well.  Her job is to ensure that all stores get quality merchandise and that profits are continuous, so necessary in supporting its Non Profit Partners' many programs and services. Up at 4 in the morning and travelling from Ottawa to Vancouver, Anny sparkled in her presentation and graciously granted me an interview right afterward.  I asked her the following questions:

What is special about the job you do for Value Village?
It's very rewarding working with all of our Non Profit Partners across Canada. (These include The   CDA, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Developmental Disabilities Association)    It's a natural transition from the work I did with The Canadian Diabetes Association, Value Villages'  largest partner     It makes you feel good knowing that you are working for a company that recycles, saves "more than 600 million pounds" of perfectly usable goods and materials from the landfill every year, supports non- profit agencies and their social programs, is a powerful social and economic resource in our communities and continues to expand and develop.

Photographer Lynn and Colleen Tsoukalas

Anny Leclerc-Value Village

Myriam Laroche-President, Founder EFW

Jacqui, Registration, EFW

What do you think of the 68 pound Challenge and the partnership of Value Village with ECO Fashion     Week? What's different about the challenge, this year? How about Thrift Chic - What is that?
It's amazing!  The 68 Pound Challenge for Kim Cathers, this season, is to create a collection out of 68      pounds of Men's Suit fabric and shows people how much can be done to use, instead of toss, good     material.  (Also, when we're shopping, we should look in all sizes and sections for unusual pieces to add     to our wardrobes)  Value Village truly practises the 3 R's.
Thrift Chic is 3 runway shows created by stylists: Jasmine Zhu, Sara Gourlay of Fate Vintage and     Sandy Joe Karpets.  Each designer had a budget of $500 to showcase 10-15 no sew outfits.  (Love no sew outfits)

What other fashion events are there at Value Village?
There are events at each new Grand Opening and bloggers are invited to shop and blog the experience.   Halloween means staff costumes and a co-ordinator to help style them using donated new and new to you   pieces.  (I would love to see ECO Fashion Week expand to Toronto so I can blog that one too!

Vintage Find

Amanda, Social media rep at Value Village

So as Anny taught us about Value Village's many contributions, Myriam, in her head to toe outfit from VV,  showed us her fashion picks from the Hastings Street store.  She had multiple shopping strategies and    discussed learning how to develop your sense of touch - feel for quality fabrics: wool, cotton, silk, hold  the material close and see how it drapes and falls, texture, texture, texture.  Where is it made and how   is it constructed?  Look in all sizes and in men's as well as women's.

Informative and charming!  

Mayor, Gregor Robertson
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