Monday, August 28, 2017

Marvelous Muji Store Opens in Metrotown

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Shopping at Muji Japan and New York were both incredible experiences. "Nature, naturally Muji" is a great motto for stores where you can find everything you need for home, family, work and leisure, all in a peaceful oasis of organization and beauty. And did I mention that shoppers are always enthusiastically welcomed and help is readily available. At the store opening, Friday August 25, we were thanked for our patience, since the first Muji store in Canada, came to Toronto. Finally, it is here, the largest store and one that invites you to enjoy a cultural shopping experience. It is all in the details: the exquisite mini catalogue that could grace any coffee table, the visual of how a sock should fit, the gift wrapping station and the stamps for your packages, the artfully arranged table settings, the complete bedroom with shelves, bedding and even a clock, so much to attract and nothing to distract.

The VIP store opening made every guest a VIP. Welcomed with a Muji shopping bag, we had our notebook and famous Muji pen ready to record wish lists and highlights. MC Yurie Hoyoyon  introduced us to our hosts from Muji Japan, Muji Canada, The Japanese Consulate, The Mayor of Burnaby, Manager of Metropolis, Metrotown, to the artists: Sora (Opening Poem), Japanese Calligrapher: Kisyuu, Yasuko Takahashi (Tea Ceremony) and thanked many sponsors, including YK3 Saki Producers Inc., and ICHIYO's Matcha Bar for the Matcha Tea.

A shelf of Muji suitcases, efficient and elegant, reminded me that Muji is everywhere in the world and that a Muji store will always offer product, peace, comfort, art and culture. Naturally, I will return. Muji's brand philosophy is represented here: MU = No/Nothing Zero, SHIRUSHI - Mark/Stamp/Brand, RYO - Good/Right, HIN - Product. So, no brand name or logo stamped on everything, ethical product, and quality products right down the line.

Thanks for a wonderful introduction to Muji, here, so close to home.

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