Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas

I reviewed the first book about Iris and reading about her made us design an adventure around seeing the movie, IRIS. Naturally, we had to dress up and get the community involved. You can read more about Iris here and here.

Iris Apfel continues her lengthy career today. As she says, "I never expected people to know my name or recognize my face." "I never expected to be called a fashion icon." The first few pages are all the surprises that came with her new adventures as "a geriatric starlet". I never think of her in terms of age because she seems young, full of energy and having the time of her life. Love how she dedicates the book to her husband, Carl, and to her parents, very important people in the shaping of her career as a textiles designer, decorator and trend setter. Love, too, how she acknowledges and thanks the teams of people it takes to support her vision. Her book is 175 pages of beautiful photos, illustrations and concise fashion analysis and stories about her life. Wonderful to see photographers and illustrators listed, for further research. Who illustrated this? Now I know and can read more.

I believe that emerging designers, especially, will be inspired by IRIS APFEL, because she does answer the question: How did she get there? One of the many important pieces of advice she has is to travel. "Everyone should go to Paris." But her travels were and are world wide. And, she worked and continues to work wherever she goes. I never expected to see so clearly and colourfully how work and life can fit so seamlessly together. So crucial to find ways to follow your passion and to enjoy it every day. Looking good and feeling good top her list, for sure. A few of my favourite photos:

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Writing by Colleen Tsoukalas and photos by Dianna Drahanchuk

This is David Chen's fifth Vancouver Fashion Festival (IPOP Canada) and his first at The Vancouver Club. An iconic setting, wonderful catering and welcome, cocktail party and meet and greet, gave us all a chance to take photos, go behind the scene to watch the set up, and be entertained by Junko Shimizu's beautiful voice, accompanied by David's daughter, Sofy Chen, on piano. David always participates in his shows, this time wearing costumes by Yayoi Hirano, in fact Yayoi Hirano, Eri MacGregor and Fumiko Horan collaborated on a whole collection entitled Japanese Kimono, which included Kimono, Masks, Costume and performance. Floral headpieces and floral accessories, a spectacular runway vision as well as a demonstration of the construction of a headpiece, all by Hikaru Seino Canon. This was a Fashion and Art event that was an excellent mix of cultures and a true celebration of the work of established and emerging designers. What a treat to see fashions by VCAD (Visual College of Art and Design) Vendredi by Emily Shaninzadeh, Lantern Collection by Noushin Sahebnassagh, Genita Mujar, Dvita by Jade Walker and Gundula Hirn. Also loved the colourful designs for Fashion Voice by Ozioma Ajibe.

This event was well attended (full house) and I was pleased to see so many Vancouver Fashion writers, Photographers, (Mando Nakamura is pictured here) and Fashion Design Program supporters, bringing their voices and sharing on Social Media, to tell others to put this event on their calendars. Ivan Sayers, well known Fashion Historian and Collector was in the house and was photographed by visiting Photographer from L.A., Arezoo Jalali. Since David's event supports new talent and achievement, it was lovely to meet Face of Beauty International, Arshan Masjoudi, and hear about her success, despite many challenges.

I really enjoy wearing clothing and accessories by local Designers and for Vancouver Fashion Festival, I wore a wrap by Wendy Van Riesen of Dahlia Drive, featuring the Raven by Reg Davidson. One of the best experiences through the Vancouver Fashion Festival is to be an active participant and everyone is very welcome to do this. Thank you David Chen, founder and producer! Always such a pleasure! Thanks once again to Dianna Drahanchuk for her company and her photographs!

David Chen. Producer of VIFFSS19 and Ivan Sayers, 
Fashion Historian and Collector of Fashion and Accessories from 1700-1975.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Photos and writing by Dianna Drahanchuk

This first thing one sees upon entering SPACE, in place of honour, is a 12 foot long portrait of Art Paul woven from deconstructed wood and nylon cord, a creation by bead worker Angie Adair. Art’s business was to turn and prepare large scale logs for building construction and also for First Nations totem poles as an example. Some of the wood used in the show are offcuts from his projects. Other wood used in the exhibit came from the left overs reclaimed from deconstructed old Vancouver houses and salvaged from furniture projects.

Nearby is a beautiful black and white twin set of laser engraved spray painted 800 year old red cedar plaques by lettering artist Brother Jopa. For this work he invented his own script that was inspired by the Rosetta Stone. Playfully hanging overhead is an oversize mobile by jewelry maker Marie Foxall that incorporates abalone, spruce, lucite, brass and cord, a “supersized” adaptation of her typical craft. An 8 foot diameter circle of 900 year old Douglas fir, originally a block 4 feet thick, was retrieved from the Museum of Vancouver archives. By necessity, industrial designer Logan Gilday figured out a way to get it through the doors by prying open and leaving the natural cracks in the wood on display.

Patrick Christie, the exhibit’s producer and maker of the “Made from Scraps” sign, explained that the idea for the show was to bring together artists, designers and craftspeople who do not traditionally work with a certain material to collaborate across a variety of disciplines and to find practical and creative uses for a featured “scrap” material, in this case wood.  Seventy individuals were invited to participate, 40 responded within 24 hours. 

This is intended to be an ongoing series of events and with the enthusiasm shown by the contributors for this one, I can’t wait for the next micro challenge which will be to make something out of discarded “blue jeans”. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Crafted Vancouver organized a magnificent celebration and fundraiser Gala evening to kick off 25 days of Craft Events: exhibitions, guided tours and studio tours, Artist talks and presentations, workshops, demonstrations, podcasts and many other signature events. You can see more on Instagram: Crafted Vancouver. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Programme Guidebook, designed by Miya McGrew, for a fabulous visual overview of Crafted all around us.

The Gala is well worth attending, next year, as it gives a clear picture of what will be happening, an opportunity to meet the Leaders and Makers, a chance to help with fundraising by bidding on your favourite, one of a kind crafts, tickets to museums and galleries, heritage house tours, and much more. I think the Smash Serving Spoon, by Stefanie Dueck, is the perfect symbol of this Gala and Festival as servers of all that is delectable in the world of fine Craft! 

So many Community and Business Partnerships and loved the spotlight on Mexico and the visiting Artists from Oaxaca! I met them at these events: Meet the Makers, and Meet the Makers Presents: Pin and Post Pop-Up Shop, both at Heritage Hall, on Main Street, Vancouver.

More partners to be congratulated are: Arturo's for Catering, Granville Island Tea Company, The Wild Bunch Floral Studio, Medina-Pearson Classical Guitar Duet and, for the gorgeous setting and efficient sound system: VanDusen Botanical Garden. The photos tell the story! See you at next year's 3rd edition of Crafted Vancouver

Photo by Noriko Tidball

Jewelry by Carolyn Bruce 
A delicate green enameled necklace with silver
toned leaves highlighted with tear drop shaped glass
crystals and matching green crystal earrings 

Meagan Black, Director of Canadian Crafts Federation

Carrie Ross, Founder and Executive Director of Crafted Vancouver 

Bernice Diaz Ceballos, Consul General of Mexico in Vancouver

Bernice Diaz Ceballos, Consul General of Mexico in Vancouver introducing
Spotlight on Mexico Event Partners: Angelica Vasquez Cruz, Carlomagno Pedro 
Martinez, Crispina Mavarro Gomez, Flourencia Fuentes Melchor, 
Jacoba Mendoza Rulz, Jose Jorge Garcia

Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck

Median-Pearson Classical Guitar Duet

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