Friday, August 29, 2014

No matter where we travel, we always seem to be able to find a thrift store! This time, we found a Salvation Army in Midland, Ontario! Alas, I didn't leave with anything; but lovely Colleen found a cute pair of tennis shoes, perfect for gardening and dock walking for just $4 and practically brand new. This little Midland thrift store had quite a few treasures and of course it's always great to support a good cause at the same time. I took a few photos of the treasures someone will find a home for eventually. Happy thrifting!

Lots of furniture, great for furnishing a cottage on a budget!

Treasure Seeker Colleen might have found something here!

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just got back from a refreshing weekend up on Thunder Beach on the Georgian Bay in Ontario. Usually we spend Friday night getting settled and enjoying the patio before heading into Midland for an afternoon of shopping and flat white coffees at the local coffee shop on Saturday, and this weekend was no different. Midland was particularly lively this weekend as it was the annual Art Walk festival. The main street was closed and local vendors had tables set up with their specialties. It was great to see the community in full swing! We walked around and shopped and I bought a fantastic pair of tights at one of our favorite little boutiques called Cashmere Blue. These tights are unlike any I have seen before because they are fleece lined! With the possibility that we are going to have another cold winter, I figured they were a great investment for only twenty dollars a pair. They are made by a local Toronto company called C'est Moi Clothing, if you are interested in finding a pair yourself and not going to be in Midland any time soon. I'm watching what I buy these days after, especially since our Second Hand Challenge wrapped. I'll be writing a post on how we are doing with our shopping in the coming weeks.

After our shopping, we stopped by the local coffee shop, "Grounded" for the best Flat Whites and enjoyed the live band. Next stop, Penetanguishene, to pick up a few more gifts for our evening party and some fish and chips at the dock side restaurant, and then back to Thunder beach! A very eventful Saturday and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a treat to be able to visit this amazing place every summer and spend time with great friends. Can't believe summer is coming to a fast end. Are you ready for Fall? Because I am NOT!

Have you purchased any items for Fall? If so, tell us about them in the comments!

The Georgian Bay - Our view in the mornings! 

Always something cute to find at Cashmere Blue Boutique

Tights from C'est Moi Clothing

The best Flat Whites in town!

 Now entering Penetanguishene

At the docks having fish and chips!

Dinner partying 

Sunset on the beach

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

I wanted to see hats, (hair accessories) bags and jewels, up close, but really, it is all about the dress!  This year, especially, the statement seemed to be about color.  I liked the reds, the oranges and yes, the gold, for the golden statue.

Colleens's Top Emmy Picks!

Uzo Aduba's crimson, chic strapless dress is by Christian Siriano.

Julia Louis Dreyfus in a gorgeous red belted dress 
by Carolina Herrera. 

Sarah Paulson was a standout in a splashing 
black and red polka dot tulle by Armani.


And, there has to be gold!  Taryn Manning wore a 
stunning, intricately pleated gown by Jerome C. Rousseau.

Oh and loved the beautiful blue suit on Matthew M.  
Such color - such a tan!  Such talent, true detective!
Images via People, Harper's Bazaar and Pop Sugar

Monday, August 25, 2014

We all love a great bargain, especially when we're getting ready for fall. I know - we're in denial that fall is coming, but we can at least shop in the meantime! Value Village is having a 50% off sale today! The sale includes clothing, shoes, accessories and bed & bath items. I won't have a chance to make it for the sale as I'll be sailing the evening away, but Treasure Seeker Colleen might just make a trip to see what's in store for fall.

Will you be attending the big sale? What fall items are you looking for? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rue Pigalle's Isabelle Fish

On the evening of Thursday, August 14th, fashion admirers alike gathered at Isabelle Fish's beautiful Rue Pigalle Boutique, on Queen Street West, to meet Canadian accessory designer, Michelle Lowe-Holder. Isabelle is renowned in Toronto for sourcing top couture designers around the globe and bringing them to Torontonian style seekers. She hosted a meet and greet event for Michelle and her customers to get together and talk fabulous fashion design! (Image right courtesy of Isabelle Fish) Visit the Rue Pigalle website at

Michelle Lowe-Holder

Michelle was born in Canada and graduated with a BFA Honours in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute in New York and an MA in Knitwear at Central St. Martins in London. In addition to showing her own line, she has participated in numerous projects with top global brands that include: TopShop, Science Museum, M and Shwop and Nike.

In 2009, London College of Fashion and the College of Sustainable Fashion invited Michelle to attend a mentoring program to help develop a more sustainable approach to fashion. Her AW'10 Collection "Ribbon Reclaim" marked a change in Michelle's designs. She shifted her focus to accessories, primarily, and began to use heritage handcrafts, vintage detail, zero waste and upcycling, by using ends of lines and "cabbage" (scraps from previous collections) to produce her designs. You will see them in the images below!

Michelle is currently working on a Grant Award from Fireup to develop 3D printed pieces in 2014 and also lectures at Istituto Maragoni. She now exhibits her collections twice a year in Paris, and her designs are sold at boutiques internationally. (Image via Michelle's website)

Chatting with Michelle and her Mother Suzanne 

While Michelle was very busy during the Rue Pigalle meet and greet event, she took the time to chat with each and every person in the boutique. Her Mother Suzanne, was also in attendance, proudly supporting her daughter. As we are a Mother-Daughter blog, I was interested to hear about Michelle's fashion design from the designer herself, but her Mother as well! Suzanne told me that she knew from a very young age that Michelle would pursue fashion as a career.

I was also interested in the eco side of Michelle's designs. She takes vintage pieces and then incorporates and modifies them into new designs. I was intrigued to learn that one of her bracelets was made from a vintage pin cushion! For her, the possibilities are endless!

We don't often have the opportunity to meet the talented designers whose work we admire! It was wonderful spending time at Rue Pigalle and getting to know Michelle and her Mother and the beautiful creations Michelle had on display. Visit Michelle Lowe-Holder's website to see and learn more! 

Michelle's designs in the window of Rue Pigalle! 

Below are other designs featured in Isabelle's store

A visitor trying on one of Michelle's designs!

Michelle's lovely Mother Suzanne 

Michelle Lowe-Holder and Isabelle Fish

Friday, August 15, 2014

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

On my way to the historic Orpheum Theatre Tour, I passed by the colorful Commodore Billiards and Bowling Alley and followed the Stars' Walk of Fame to the majestic great hall entrance. The tour, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at ll:00 (phone to reserve) is a gorgeous look from the painted ceiling to the lower floor dressing rooms and basement for the animal acts that were once popular!

The scale and detail of these heritage 
buildings - fantastic! 

Finally on stage! Lights, sound and music, oh the music! Tours are conducted by the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides, ever. (Think actors, unafraid of ghosts!)

You should go! Visit The Orpheum for more information.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It seems so easy to go home at the end of the day and stick with the stay-at-home evening routine, week after week. In the summer... not such a good idea. There is so much to see and do in Toronto and after the winter we experienced, we ALL should be taking advantage of this beautiful warm weather. Who knows how long it will last!

I recently started taking summer sailing lessons. Two nights a week, I head down to the Toronto waterfront and brush up on my sailing skills and see the beautiful city line from afar. I have experience with larger keel sailing boats, but not with small sailing dinghies! It has been great to get out and onto the water during the week and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Dinghies are definitely not as glamorous as larger keel boats, but I put together something similar to what I wear when I'm preparing a boat for an evening sail. I usually wear shorts, Toms and a tank top and then change into a wetsuit and windbreaker. I've also shared a few Instagrams from the last few weeks of sailing. Hope you all are getting out this summer and would strongly encourage you to try sailing lessons!

For a more casual easy going sailing day!
Visit my Polyvore 

The beautiful marina - not Vancouver ocean
but does the job! 

One of the dinghies I took out a few weeks ago

Reading up on sailing

Monday, August 11, 2014

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

The brand is WANT and the store has everything you might want in terms of clothing, accessories and beauty and skin care. Opening night emphasized the science of the word, Apothecary. Staff in brilliant white lab coats, (I want one, please) champagne in test tubes and a shining, well organized 'lab' site made me think of careful research and development of the best products ever. This is where I was on August 7, unable to stop myself from photographing everything in sight. Purses, bags, sweatshirts and T's feature the Want label!

A broad range of other specialty designs are at your 
finger tips: for women and men.

The candles are fabulous, softly scented and featuring exotic place names.  
I loved Kobe, having visited that city and its fantastic museum of fashion.  
The candle jars capped by antique toppers. 

Thanks for a lovely gift bag with samples of Eau de Parfum - Gypsy Water, Aesop Face Cleanser and a great eye cream - all by Susanne Kaufmann. 

More beauty and skin products from Susanne. Simple and elegant containers and luxury for sensitive complexions.

Catered by Culinary Capers, Vancouver, always perfect in black and white and best treats ever!

Looking forward to another visit, soon! Visit WANT Apothecary for more information.
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