Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Showroom at VFW was like another art gallery with designers displaying specialty clothing and accessories used in their runway shows.  On Thursday night, October 1, I loved these, for sure...

Beautiful brochure of collection - pearls on the cover invited you to look inside and then at the most gorgeous black and white to wear collection. (probably to an exclusive party or resort or just to razzle dazzle up any event)He also makes intricate white masks which his models wore in the show.
This kind of intricately layered and folded perfection, yes, from Japan.  More about this fantastic designer, Viviano Sue, can be found at: http://vanfashionweek.com/viviano-sue/ .

Delayed in the showroom, secured the best seat in the house for photos! 

Fabulous sunnies from CANELLA HOSTAL COUTURE, Dubai.
I was invited, by Marilyn R. Wilson. author of "Life Outside The Box", a collection of introductions to fabulous local artists, designers, dancers that you must know more about, blogger (OLIO) and always best dressed (think local designers) invited me to meet Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of GREEN EMBASSY and her botanicals inspired collection S/S 16: Silent Rainforest.  This is Haute Couture!  This is also a gorgeous collection of soft purple, yellow, cream, pink hued dresses, and accessories to awe any room, anywhere!  This is using berries, carrots, radishes and naturals rather than synthetic and harmful dyes.  ECO Friendly, even the silks are vegan and organic.  There is sunshine, there is light rain, there are petals and leaves - all soft, multi layers of color and shape that you see as you walk in a forest. Originally from Australia but now here, lucky for us, Zuhal hand makes her line and the gorgeous mauve and yellow scarf I received as a thank you for attending her extraordinary show, is something I will treasure.  I have worn it twice now, and people come up and want to touch it and try it on.  I tell them that this is not only a celebration of nature but a way of preserving and taking care of it.  I refer them to http://greenembassy.com.

Thanks very much to Warren Dean Flandez and team at Studio Cloud 30, for a lovely welcome and musical accompaniment and entertainment, all afternoon.  I wish everyone who wants to develop their performing arts talents could see this beautiful studio and be inspired by the immense talent pool, here.  Contact them at: studiocloud30.com

Thank you, thank you, for an art gallery of fashion and music!

Green Embassy at Studio 30

Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week photos by Dianna Drahanchuk

Dianna snapping photos front row!

Connally McDougall loves designing and sharing her creations.  Look at her on the runway, after her show,Tuesday, September 29, at Vancouver Fashion Week!  This is her fourth season, here and this one, S/S 16 was a botanical gallery of floral headpieces and intricately tailored styles for women and men.  She designs for all ages and sizes and, a big thanks for that!  A Canadian and local, he and her line can be described as: architectural, botanical, inspirational, statement making, eco-friendly, documentary worthy, dynamic, visual and textural, extraordinary.  Thanks, Connally, for bringing life to that long walk.  I heard people around me saying, "I want that.  I can wear that!"

In its eleventh season as a partner in VFW, LaSalle ramped up the runway with live music, vivid graphics and the 20's inspired themes of 4 designers: Su Yang (Great Gatsby), Shunan Zeng, (Post WW1 look for women) Yicheng Chen (sparkles, feathers, extravagance) and Adam-Lin Bungang (Piet Mondrian, 1920's and YSL).  The models stood as tall as the city graphics and the designs were intricately structured, layered and hemlines tiered.  Chic, 20's carried into the present and future, what we want to find when we shop for just the right dress!) To Tracey Pincott, Artistic Director and Lizbell Agency for models, oh, such a show!  Go, LaSalle!  Simply the best!  Thanks for the references, Laura Cropper (http://story-pr.ca/)  And, as always, thank you for the opportunity and the dynamic gallery of fashion. Very much looking forward to next season!

My friend, Bobbie and I celebrated her pre-birthday,briefly, in the beautiful Shaughnessy Restaurant in Van Dusen Gardens and then we were off to the first in a three part lecture series, Botanically Inspired, in celebration of Craft Year 2015 and in a great partnership of Van Dusen Gardens and the Craft Council of B.C.

This was a fabulous display of  felts and silks by Marina Georgiadis (Vanti Designs) who is an artist, designer, silversmith and terrific presenter of her techniques and creations.  Originally from Toronto, she trained as a silversmith, in Athens, and fortunately for us, returned to B.C, where she is busy designing and bringing botanicals to us, especially in those luxurious scarves.  Much more here: vantidesigns.com.

Jan MacLeod, www.plantpapers.com, demonstrated the art of turning pulp mixtures into cards, sculptures, artwork and almost anything multimedia that she creates for home and businesses.  I might be able to make a card, with training, but it takes expertise and that 'eye' to make the vast array of art that she brought to show us.  You can see more of her at Circle Craft and Craft House on Granville Island.

T'uyt' t' tanat- Cease Wyss, talked about foraging, seasonally for ingredients for ingredients for teas, not only for flavor and color but also for medicinal purposes.  She co-owns, with her daughter, Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co.

Only the first in a series of 3, don't forget, this evening was an exceptional contribution of time and creativity from three who bring the garden and its bounty inside and to those of us who love to look but who may be at the beginning of our botanical journey.

Bobbie and host 

T'uy'tanat Cease Wyss - nature nourishes

Marina presenting her botanically inspired silk 

Marina's scarves

Jan McLeod and her marvelous paper art 

We wore Asian inspired jackets, a nod to the botanical theme 
and also to other beautiful gardens, especially those in Japan.

On a further note, Bobbie and I celebrated the day at High Tea at The Fairmont Airport Hotel, Richmond.  Wearing our Ribkoff jackets, again, we visited the Craft Council store in the airport and found Marina Georgiadis' beautiful scarves on display.  We enthusiastically encouraged the store staff and others, there, to come to Van Dusen Gardens to see the Botanically Inspired Exhibit as well as to come to the last 2 of the lecture series.

Next sessions are October 27 and November 17, 2015 at Van Dusen Gardens.  Also, October 1-November 1 is a mixed media exhibition of works by 33 BC artists inspired by the garden.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Davie Lackie from City Line, Toronto and Nina Westbury, one of the U.K.'s top Make-Up Artists, visited The Hudson Bay, Vancouver, to share the latest beauty trends from around the world. The well dressed audience packed the area around centre stage to hear about new looks, scents, and much more.  Fabulous door prizes and very generous gift bags ramped up the excitement level, for sure.

From Marc Jacobs we saw a Kohl lined eye, color under the eye and soft smudging.  The cat's eye is also making a re-appearance.  There is a new YSL 3 in 1 crayon, eyeliner and shadow combination.  Here's looking at you.  We sampled Mac Foundation and Shiseido ma scara and Anna Sui nail polish, Bells Ring - Wow! Extraordinary color and smooth application.

Burberry also focused on the eye, but of course, there is a huge range of products from which to choose.  Lots of bright colors and even black lipstick.  Yes, it is definitely a trend. Armani does make up for fashion shows and then puts out a great line based on those looks.

Brows are thinner.  Dior features a rounded eye, with fluid shadow and a mirror, reflected image.  Think gold, shimmery and glitter galore.

There were so many products, looks and strategies to get there.  Where?  Best for you, exactly what you like and all available at The Bay.  Service right there at your fingertips. 

Thanks to Dave and Nina for such expertise and enthusiasm.  All of the latest trends right here in Vancouver

Wonderful gift bags, not over packaged, carefully chosen and presented in those eco-friendly, classic, white bags with Hudson's Bay logo - incorporated May 1670!  No wonder it's still on trend and fabulous.  Always bringing in the best guests, products, fashion shows!  Thanks to Hudson's Bay, Dave Lackie and Nina Westbury for an elegant evening.

What I love about my gifts:
Very Irresistible by Givenchy, Mascara by Dior, Gradual Tan by St. Tropez, Night of Fancy by Anna Sui, Purity cream, Moisturizing Lotion, Anna Sui, Clarins, Paris, Estee Lauder, Eye Serum, LANCOME, Cream, everything to transport us!

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