Friday, August 28, 2015

One of the first stops on my trip to Vancouver was to My Sister's Closet! I always leave with something great, and this trip was no exception! Among the items I left with: an Armani cropped blazer, a Halston purple dress, a pair of beautiful purple Roberto Vianni pumps and a blue Banana Republic checkered top. It was great to meet the staff and try on outfits with Treasure Seeker Colleen. The staff are wonderful and very creative. All of the mannequins are styled by the fabulous Cheyenne. Such an inspiring place and a great cause too! Thanks for having me, as always!

If you haven't checked the store out, be sure to do so, soon!! More information here

Wearing blazer, pants and pumps from Sister's!

First set of items

How cute are these?

Look who it is!

 More fabulous mannquins

How fun is this number? I didn't get it, but loved the colors.

I also purchased this dress

Purple Halson and blue checkered top. 

Colleen with the the fantastic team of volunteers - Cheyenne and Kyla

Monday, August 24, 2015

Now officially open, THECloset YVR is an oasis of treasures, resources and overall luxury products and services at 360 Carrall Street in the Gastown Area of Vancouver.  Volunteers at MySister's Closet BWSS, we are keenly interested in store display, marketing, fundraising, community and business partnerships, promotion of local artisans and eco-friendly practises and THECloset YVR offers all of this and much, much more.

On the first day opening, Saturday, August 22nd, we were welcomed into the large, white, open space by summer gal, wearing an orange Missoni Maxi dress and an Armani Hat.  These are examples of unique finds, beautifully styled and in like new condition, that you will see in this jewel of a boutique.

Accessories, jewellery, leather belts (a rarity these days) and silk scarves are colorfully and conveniently displayed, not behind glass but right there for immediate try on with that perfect outfit you can buy now or even, in some cases, rent, for that one time special event.

That Mary Quant pink jacket, for Fall, I'm thinking....
And, those shoes, racks and racks of women's and men's shoes, well made, one of a kind and just right for spring dance floors, fashion weeks, Gastown walks....and more trips to THECloset YVR.

Photos by Dianna Drahanchuk and Colleen Tsoukalas

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Slow Clothes Fashion Show at the Harmony Arts Festival, in West Vancouver, is always worth attending, even in the rain. This year, we saw a fabulous array of hand made, one of a kind, clothing and jewellery that would make us all runway ready. Three Korean artists whose beautiful creations were made of the bark of the mulberry tree, Hanji paper, set the tone, for a truly remarkable show.
Anne Gundrun (see previous post here), with her vibrant scenic pieces, made the eye travel, for sure!

Other artists included:
Kathleen Aisncough, Daniella Amit, Ros Aylmer, Catherine Barr, Rene Corder Evans, Monica Gewurz, Beryl Hickenbottom, Lydia Hiebert, Anni Hunt, Patsy Kolesar, Anne Love, Doren Marlor, Nicole Marshall, Fariba Mirzaie (see previous post here), Freda Pagani, Susan Perkuhn, Susan Remnant, Dawn Michelle Russell, Wendy Van Riesen, Yvonne Wakabayashi, Joanne Waters, and Zula and Dawn Michelle Russell.(Collaboration) This is just a snapshot of the entire event, so I highly recommend seeing the fashion shows  at the Harmony Arts Festival, in August, every year!  These wonderful creations are available for sale after each show and, you know, they are snapped up, immediately!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thinking about a day trip to Niagara this summer? It's a great escape from the city and there is a lot to see and do! A few weeks back, we rented a car with a group of friends and made the journey to Niagara Falls. We went on a Sunday and it definitely wasn't as busy as we expected. We spent a few hours at the falls and then visited the Niagara-on-the-Lake region. A gorgeous day and the falls always amazing, no matter how many times you've seen them! 

I am off to Vancouver this weekend and will be covering my adventures there, of course with Treasure Seeker Colleen. Stay tuned and happy weekend!

Basics are good for days like this
Banana Republic Shorts
Anthropologie jean shirt
Express tank 
Michael Kors watch
Roots Bag
Ballet flats
Sunnies from Tribal Rhythm Vintage

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

By way of Australia and Toronto, Tessa brought her lovely self for a brief stay with us, here in the jewel in the sun, Vancouver. Where did we take her and what exciting event did we manage to toast with Champagne? We thought she would enjoy a bit of outdoors as well as some quirky and divine shopping experiences. Fabulous finds at My Sister's Closet (Seymour and Helmcken) are always worth a modelling stint in front of the fancy mirror and, of course, staff, who also model and love fashion, bring out more and snap lots of photos.  Everyone shines! We also danced in to the new Dior Store and tried on one of a kind shoes, and fancy jackets.  Best dressed staff welcomed us with champagne! Stunned by the beautiful displays at The Room, The Bay, and by that 'to the ceiling' staircase at Holt's.  Hats galore at Granville Island - Tessa can wear hats so well!

Stanley park, a must!  Squamish, Cypress Provincial Park, by jeep, top down in this glorious weather.
Yaletown sea wall and shops, great combination of outdoors, shops and patios. 

And next, a visit to Australia???

Pearls, bag and that fabulous, fitted black jacket at 

Modeling Bridal at My Sister's Closet

Pearls and Black and White at My Sister's Closet

Little red and white striped jacket at My Sister's Closet

Beauty at the Bangtown Hair Salon

Tessa's new shoes at Dior, Vancouver - Champagne and shoes

Stanley Park Totems

Ready for the rode - Granville Island Hat Shop

Australian look

On her way - bye, Vancouver
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