Thursday, December 6, 2018

This was a dynamic showcasing of excellence in Hair Artistry and Product Design by Leonardo Redavid and stylists, Heather Enders and Shawn Scheepers. We saw men's and women's cuts, corrections, shaping, blow drying, texturizing, and lots of techniques to try at home. To provide shine and control, the luxury hair products, Redavid Salon Products,  eco, and made and packaged in B.C., really finalized those glam looks. This line is inspired by nature, and cruelty free. More here. I loved the video about REDAVID that showed the company from the beginning and how it has expanded and grown since then. Fantastic to see Leonardo Redavid and his son, Marco, in business together. Each stylist skillfully and quickly created hair perfection for a number of models. Scissors flew and even the curliest hair obediently fell into the best place. This was my first hair class and what a master class it was. Many thanks to Nery Monzon and Marilyn R. Wilson for a special invitation to a very special event.

This was an entire evening of bests, from the warm welcome and champagne at CABANA, to a room full of local and international business professionals, all with great hair and stylish attire. Even the models were wearing the most beautiful dresses by Joanne Ricci.

There was Hair, Fashion, Food catered by Maison Clement and live music by singer, Kayla Christine. And, there was a book launch/presentation by writer and illustrator, Pearl Low, a Chinese-Jamaican Artist with curly hair. I bought two copies of her book: TENSION, for my daughters, who also have big hair and deal with the question: "Where did you get that hair?"

This event celebrated excellence in so many areas, especially in mentoring and financially contributing to emerging Artists like Pearl Low, but also to another, who saw her collection of wigs, including many for children who have lost their hair to cancer, stolen. There was a $5300 cheque ready for Eva of Eva and Company Wigs, to help her begin to replace her products and supplies. Further supporting young people in transition, $2050 was donated from ticket sales, for Covenant House.
Thanks again for a lively and lovely event!

Photo credit: Nery Monzon (NM Images) Leonardo and models dressed in Giovanna Ricci Designs

Photo credit: Nery Monzon (NM Images) Marco ReDavid, Heather Enders, Leonardo ReDavid, and Shawn Scheepers

Photo credit: Nery Monzon (NM Images) Nery and Myles Murphy

Kayla Christine

Heather Enders and Shawn Scheepers

Joanna (Giovanna) Ricci and Marilyn R. Wilson

Leonardo Redavid and Marilyn R. Wilson

Shawn Scheepers

Leonardo Redavid

Heather Enders

Writer and Illustrator, Pearl Low

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Written by Dianna Drahanchuk

Gender fluid fashions, both on and off the runway, were at the forefront of Blanche Macdonald’s “Cherry Bomb” November 21, 2018 graduate fashion student show. The audience never got bored or tired as the 23 designers showed the 49 outfits in this tightly run presentation, complete with a much-appreciated printed program.

Lyn Katey and I, both of us happen to be ex-Blanche students, were awed at the fun and imagination on display. I talked with Blanche Macdonald Executive Program Directors Peggy Morrison, on staff since 1972, who was truly impressed at how the students upped their creativity for this show and to Donna Baldock who was heartened to see the inclusion of style inspired by fashion history, one of her passions, as shown in Bebeth Cohen’s ultra-lacey evening dress.

Bags abounded and straps flowed throughout and there were lots of inventive texture and color combinations.  Some styles were outdoors sporty with an edge, others like the teddy bear outfits by Peter Zuk were pure fantasy. Hair clips and dark lips enhanced rather than detracted from the captivating runway. Student talents were further accentuated in their very professional looking portfolios.

As I spoke to its founder and producer of a local annual major fundraising fashion show, I wondered whose designs we might see on the catwalk of one of next year’s show because he was searching for potential participants. I’ve been to one of his shows for which it appears that he prefers “far out” fashion and it seems to me he had quite a lot to choose from at Blanche Macdonald.

From left to right: Lesley Senkow, Savana Sheardown, Peter Zuk
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

From left to right: Jerome Mendoza & Bebeth Cohen
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

From left to right: Hannah May, Alice Colojacomo, Aaron Pharness
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

Photo credit for photos to follow: Dianna Drahanchuk

Aaron Pharness (left) - Orange cotton twill jacket worn with distressed cotton twill shorts and tencel hood
Maria Digaoan (right) - Black mesh turtleneck worn with red paper bag dress and sleeping bag bustle

Vanessa Romman (left) - Linen shirt dress worn with panelled trench coat
Marco Bruni (right) - Black patent leather vest worn with waxed twill cutout trouser and patent leather backpack

Catherine He (left) - Microsuede bell bottoms worn with marabou feather tank top and oversized faux fur hooded jacket
Lesley Senkow (right) - Brocade paper bag trouser and bubble coat worn with lantern sleeve cropped satin shirt

Connor Klaassen (left) - Black cotton button front shirt worn with deconstructed gauze tee shirt, high waisted wool trouser and oversized vinyl shopper
Cheryl Hou (right) - Cropped patchwork overall with bag details worn with space cotton cropped top

Peter Zuk (left) - Heart print bodysuit worn with PVC teddy bear shirt, top and mask
Jeremy Molina (right) - Oversized denim jacket and cropped trouser with grommet and reflective rope details

Austin Playfair (left) - Snapback hand-painted trousers worn with grommet top and leather robe
Jerome Mendoza (right) - Pink herringbone jogging suit with earl tassels and bucket hat

Nicholas Lafreniere (left) - Wool Frankenstein coat worn with cropped trousers and rib knit turtleneck
Bebeth Cohen (right) - Dusty rose, lace robe with ribbon details

 Interesting shoes worn by someone in the audience

 Peggy Morrison, Executive Program Director Blanche MacDonald

Lynn and Dianna

Written by Dianna Drahanchuk and Colleen Tsoukalas

This year, I did a lot of behind the scenes prep for this event; I enjoyed helping many customers My Sister's Closet, choose that special little black dress, shoes and accessories, and encouraged women and men to model, especially, since the Little Black Dress Gala, has a very inclusive, supportive runway, great Designers and fantastic photographers. There is room for all who support Youth and making our city a better place. Social Media, for this event, begins early and I was able to add comments and photos, often, further supporting sold out (twice) ticket sales. And, I modelled for Yifat Jovani, thanks to friend and modelling twin, Nahla Hopfe. Dianna Drahanchuk enjoyed the Gala, from the front row, and has contributed her observations about this grand event.

The crowd gets bigger and more excited to get into each successive Little Black Dress event put on by Help Change My City (HCMC). Not only is the show something to see, but so is what the attendees wear, for instance Marika’s audacious boutique dress paired with Alexander McQueen earrings. Every show is set up in a different way, this year with a low stage, shorter runway and several screens to provide a view to all in the huge ballroom Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. a long time supporter of this black dress and black tie evening.

This November’s show entertainment included a welcoming jazz orchestra, opera songs, and belly, ballet and contemporary dance. The mandate of Help Change My City is to help underprivileged youth and three young people gave testimonials about how HCMC helped them and how happy they, and in one case their children too, were to be giving back to the community.

The fashion portion of the show began with day wear and gradually progressed to extravagantly embellished evening gowns. Twenty Designers set stunning collections to well blended fast paced musical beats. Virtually all the outfits could be worn by someone in the audience. Wearable Art for all! Showcasing so many designers allowed for a wide diversity of styles, models and variety of presentations, from classic to fanciful. The loudest cheers went to a curvy model sporting a flattering bathing suit by Bikini Empire, but more were heard for a confident little girl in princess frock and a pregnant model wearing a revealing, sequinned evening gown both by Tetyana Golota, with dazzling jewellery by Carolyn Bruce.

“BRAVO” to the designers who dared to show something different and “THANK YOU” to Help Change My City for a great evening out and a chance to wear our fancy apparel. HCMC’s cause is well worth supporting; check them out here.

Photos via Even Chen

Designers: Kim Legler, Bikini Empire, Jessica Redditt, Ghren, Shelby Wick, Pillar Heights, Yifat Jovani Designs, Couture Therapy, Tetyana Golota, Alison Kent Home/Aleen Ala Kazzam/Kaler Interiors, Shaghayesh, Susan Harley Unique Couturier, Nassren, Yuvil Alexjandra, Wendy Schindler, Carolyn Bruce
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