Saturday, October 3, 2015

Davie Lackie from City Line, Toronto and Nina Westbury, one of the U.K.'s top Make-Up Artists, visited The Hudson Bay, Vancouver, to share the latest beauty trends from around the world. The well dressed audience packed the area around centre stage to hear about new looks, scents, and much more.  Fabulous door prizes and very generous gift bags ramped up the excitement level, for sure.

From Marc Jacobs we saw a Kohl lined eye, color under the eye and soft smudging.  The cat's eye is also making a re-appearance.  There is a new YSL 3 in 1 crayon, eyeliner and shadow combination.  Here's looking at you.  We sampled Mac Foundation and Shiseido ma scara and Anna Sui nail polish, Bells Ring - Wow! Extraordinary color and smooth application.

Burberry also focused on the eye, but of course, there is a huge range of products from which to choose.  Lots of bright colors and even black lipstick.  Yes, it is definitely a trend. Armani does make up for fashion shows and then puts out a great line based on those looks.

Brows are thinner.  Dior features a rounded eye, with fluid shadow and a mirror, reflected image.  Think gold, shimmery and glitter galore.

There were so many products, looks and strategies to get there.  Where?  Best for you, exactly what you like and all available at The Bay.  Service right there at your fingertips. 

Thanks to Dave and Nina for such expertise and enthusiasm.  All of the latest trends right here in Vancouver

Wonderful gift bags, not over packaged, carefully chosen and presented in those eco-friendly, classic, white bags with Hudson's Bay logo - incorporated May 1670!  No wonder it's still on trend and fabulous.  Always bringing in the best guests, products, fashion shows!  Thanks to Hudson's Bay, Dave Lackie and Nina Westbury for an elegant evening.

What I love about my gifts:
Very Irresistible by Givenchy, Mascara by Dior, Gradual Tan by St. Tropez, Night of Fancy by Anna Sui, Purity cream, Moisturizing Lotion, Anna Sui, Clarins, Paris, Estee Lauder, Eye Serum, LANCOME, Cream, everything to transport us!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Need a change in your skin care regime? Thinking of going natural? Julie Clark has the answers!
Julie started making organic beauty products out of her kitchen in New York City during her time as a costume designer and stylist. In 2010 she left NYC to study Aromatherapy, Holistic Health and Esthetics in Toronto. Province Apothecary features an individually-tailored approach to skin care. 

I met Julie in the summer and had the opportunity to have some customized products made and talk to her about her organic beauty product business

 AT: This venture started off in New York. Why were you in New York? 

JC: I was a stylist and costumer designer before becoming a holistic health practitioner and aesthetician in Toronto. I’ve always had skin issues and I started trying to make my own products while in NYC. 

 AT: The hours in your career in New York would likely have been variable, how did you find the time to experiment with natural skin care products? 

JC: I am a workaholic - I love working, researching and making products. I took a few classes in NYC and moved to Toronto because I found a great school here that taught me so much. I didn't really start making 'real' products until I moved to Toronto. While in NYC, I was completely experimenting and it was all fun - we make time for the fun things in life. 

AT: What did you feel was missing in the market and how did you meet the need? 

JC: I wanted a natural eczema cure. I had been on steroids for 25 years and it just wasn't working for me. I felt like there was a natural way of curing my eczema, but it wasn’t available! It took me 4 years to figure it out and I had so much to learn in the process. I am so happy that I can share all my knowledge with my fellow holistic aestheticians at our skincare clinic, our facial clients and customers now. We have developed an all natural, organic, pure + potent cream that heals and soothes all forms of eczema, and I couldn’t be happier about filling that need!

AT: Why the move back to Canada? 

JC: I couldn't find a program in the US that suited my needs, and I am Canadian. I was so homesick and when I moved back to Canada I was truly excited to be home. I also started the line on the premise that we would use primarily Canadian ingredients. I am a strong believer in eating locally and seasonally and I think our skincare products should reflect that as well. 

AT: Where do you source your ingredients from? 

JC: All over the world. We take the most care in sourcing our ingredients. We always start in Canada, looking for local farmers or suppliers and we build a strong relationship with them. The quality is so important to us so we do lots of testing. We also want our ingredients to be organic or wild-crafted, ethically sourced and sustainable. If we can not find a source in Canada we look to the US next and go from there, always ensuring our high standards are met. We are so fortunate to work with such incredible and passionate people!
A big part for us is also giving back to the earth. We care about our planet and the farmers that plant and harvest PA’s ingredients so we source from small farms and companies across Canada, and donate a percentage of yearly sales to the ‘Canadian Organic Growers’, ‘Canadian Honey Council’ and '1% for the Planet'.

AT: If you could give one piece of advice to those of us who know nothing about skin care, what would it be?

JC: Stop using soap on your face! Your skin is a reflection of your internal health. (Oops, that’s two, but they are both so important to me!)

AT: What are your favorite products?

JC: I love balms and oils. I have extremely dry skin so I use our Hydrating Rescue balm 10-15 times a day to keep my hands hydrated or (at times) they start cracking, I love using pure, cold pressed organic oils in all our balms and on my face... I just love layering oils and balms and feeling hydrated from the outside in!

Thanks for your time and expertise Julie!



Saturday, September 26, 2015

ROAM Gallery at City Square Centre, in Vancouver, hosted a fantastic opening night: September Issue, featuring a fashion focused exhibit and meet the Artists! Have not seen enough of this in Vancouver and was awed by Jennifer Angers Daerendinger's preview, day before opening, and passionate support for Artists and all things Art! Guest curator, Leah Bradley and Janet Ford made full use of this jewel of a space and guests were surrounded by red and black dresses and cape by Evan Clayton, inspired by McQueen and Tarantino, paintings, collage, photography, jewellery and clothing and accessories and more. Jennifer is an art gallery on social media and features, videos, photos and event write-ups, daily. (on facebook page)

Loved the opportunity to have Artists discuss their work!  Loved the celebratory atmosphere and Art as far as the eye can see.

Exhibits reflect the amazing range of local talent, ours to enjoy, a draw for others to see Vancouver Art and Artists, on the red carpet at ROAM Gallery!

Thank you to Jennifer and team and Artists, all, for a wonderful evening and a favorite gallery to visit time and time again.

Dresses by Evan Clayton, Vancouver Designer

Jennifer Angers Daerendinger's ROAM Gallery

Kat Kozak and partner Victor. Kat is the Media Director - 
VALT.CA (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) Artist, 
and look how her jewellery and dress match

Angel Hmadzai-Fisher and her jewellery

Ginger Deverill ( Red Pear Design, 
artist, graphic designer,  Love her fine illustrations and 
would like to see her design business cards.

Roxana Oltean, ROCCO WEAR, handmade in Canada (scarves)
and artists, oils and mixed media.
I've been following Ivan Sayers in Fashion History, for years and can't resist taking photos and blogging each show.  Each one is different as is each course he teaches at SFU, Harbour Centre.
We all dress up and bring items to share.  We got to his house for tea and revisit the most extensive historical clothing collection in Canada. But, we celebrate always, how he makes us feel.
He often compliments us on our fashion choices.  He has jokes and stories, so we end our time with him, re-energized, happy and thoroughly entertained.  He helps us to appreciate our own looks as well as others.  A life long learner, he says it would be boring to know everything. We are never bored, Ivan!

We even got to share his birthday cake, this time.  H.B. Ivan!  Candles on the cake and thank you for your gifts!

September 20, 2015  Ivan Sayers and SMOC: J'Adore! For more information on the Society for the Museum of Original Costume visit the SMOC website.

Happy Birthday, Ivan Sayers! Outfits often include 
coats and accessories.  The complete picture!

Ivan says, "Style is Art, History, Culture - a sign of the times."

Lace and more lace

Fancy, fancy and her umbrella, that enhances 
that 'tall, slim' .look.  Hat protects that fair skin.

Exotic print (hints that the wearer travels 'abroad' 
pearls, gloves, platforms, hat reveals and flatters

Beads and glitter!  There is a story behind getting the top and 
skirt from different places and bringing them together.  
These are Dianna Drahanchuk's Aunt's. 

Unlimited talent!  Next generation continues to WOW!  
He sews his own clothes, makes his walking sticks and for this look, 
he made his own Beaver Hat!  Bravo!

Sold out show!  Front row media includes The Von Rosens (Oh that photography) Marilyn R. Wilson, author: Life Outside the Box, blogger (Olio) and journalist, Sue Randhawa, The Optical Boutique (look at those glasses) and behind Sue, is Connie Tsoukalas, the all-seeing vintage eye and beside her is Dianna Drahanchuk!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TERRY SASAKI and VISUAL SPACE GALLERY, presented a beautiful Fall Fashion Show by Vancouver Designers, including Terry, Sachie Ono (silks) and Olga Saras (Wools), Sept. 13th at 2:00. Terry's shows are always very well organized, on time and feature time to meet up, chat, listen to music and shop! Keiko Boxall, who trains models, organizes the red carpet walks, and her models are the most graceful I have seen.  Every fashion week needs more models like these. This time, my friend, Lynn Katey, made her debute in this show: Threading Through East and West. All of us there, were treated to brilliant traditional designs, riots of color and styles that work anywhere in the world.

Kudos to Terry Sasaki, Keiko Boxall, Noriko and Yukiko (VISUAL SPACE GALLERY) and all the cast for another not to be missed Fashion Extravaganza.

Terry Sasaki Designer, (Artist) and Keiko Boxall (Production) and models

Music by ViAn Diep ( 
and her instrument, Zheng or Zither

Nozomi, model, Noriko, Co-Owner of VISUALSPACE, Kazumi, model

Lynn and Terry -show time!


Fabulous black dress with flower detailing and felted wool scarf

Wool (Intricate designs as you walk away)


Classic black and white

Beauty up close
On September 17, 12:00-2:00, we attended the Armani Fall Collection show at The Room, second floor of Hudson's Bay, downtown Vancouver. The Room never fails to inspire me with its soft grey and white interior and beautifully decorated spaces. We were welcomed by Daria, (The Room) Brenda Emslie, Director and Buyer, (The Room) and Melina (Armani Canada) expertly pinpointed the exquisite details of all 21 Armani creations.

Lush, soft, light fabrics, well crafted, well tailored sweaters, one or two button jackets, coats, all classic, forever styles! Little black dresses so delicate, yet stand outs, especially with floral beads
After the show, we had lots of opportunity to meet and discuss our favorites and then shop, both in the show area and outside, in the huge area containing the work of many designers. This is surely an Art Gallery of Fashion!

Photos by Colleen Tsoukalas and Dianna Drahanchuk

Delicious Catering by Culinary Capers 

Daria of The Room

Lynn Katey and me - dressed up for the event

Cap sleeves, pleated skirts, wide leg pants, cigarette pants, cuffed pants, reversible coats, crepe wool, sheerling jackets, black, white, grey, tan and deep blue color palette.
Clothes fit so well, no baggy looks or dangling threads here!

Fantastic event, characteristic of excellent customer appreciation and service at Hudson's Bay and The Room.

Thanks Armani for the fashions and for gifts of Si, eau de parfum,Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extreme and gorgeous pink lipstick.

Ready for Fall rain, coming back to The Room for my dose of sunshine!

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