Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanks to Eugenie Lin, Designer of Women's Professional Wear, (Yes, classic and perfect) for inviting me to a fabulous display of 35 emerging designers' innovative new lines for women, men and children.  This is design with a purpose: gender neutral clothes for kids, (great styles, colors and easily passed down to siblings) men's wear for the very tall, athletic wear, travel and sailing jackets and pants - all tailored and colorful, truly functional - made for comfort and stretch. Something for everyone!   Clothing and accessories for work, play, formal and informal, but most of all for beautifully active living now and in the future.  What impressed me most was the enthusiasm and excellent communication skills of these emerging designers.  Each welcomed visitors to the campus, to the exhibit and to look through highly stylized, comprehensive portfolios. We could touch the gorgeous fabrics and those buttons..(been to @ button, button, the treasure trove on Homer St., Vancouver?)  The designs, research, storyboards, style cards, business models and the why's and how's of each creation made this a stage worthy story telling evening as well as a terrific preview for the 2015 Fashion Show, Thurs. April 9, 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm at the River Rock Casino Resort, 8611 River Road, Richmond.  See more at  Thanks again to Eugenie and her fellow designers for sharing your considerable achievements!  Kudos all and can't wait for April!

Friday, December 12, 2014

These fingerless gloves are like your favorite cotton sweater.  Covering half of your thumb but not your fingers, they provide warmth yet leave your fingers free for bike handles or shopping bags. Coming up above my elbow, they could easily be rolled down for shorties or cuffs.  Warm without shedding or pilling, they are made of bamboo fabric - 66% rayon, 28% cotton and 6% spandex.  Machine wash and lay flat to dry, they do not wrinkle and seem to look brand new all of the time.  Made in Vancouver, these recently followed us to New York City, where fingerless gloves are very popular.

And as we have our first big snowfall in Toronto and the ice rinks have frozen over, these are the perfect gloves to flex my graceful figure skating fingers! Thanks to Janet Ayla Gloves who found us via Fine Finds!

Perfect for lacing up skates and staying graceful! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This little beauty fits right into the palm of your hand and is all about what America's top fashion designers have to say about style, career, love and life.  "Love is life" according to Diane von Furstenberg, who writes the Foreward and Jessica Alba, in her Introduction, speculates about what drives those who, "...dedicate their lives to making our lives look and feel fabulous." The list of contributors is huge and I was always intrigued by their responses the favorite piece they designed, when they knew they wanted to design, treasured memories, heroes/heroines, fashion mottos and much more.  I also like their responses to "always and never".  Example: Always " be yourself and not be afraid to wear big jewelry" Never " leave the house without accessorizing." Isaac Manevitz, Always, "take risks" and Never "Wear too many trends at one time." Rachel Zoe.  The PURSUIT OF STYLE is a quick but deep read and the fanciful, delightful illustrations by Bil Donovan, will invite you back, again and again.  Edited by Rebecca Kaplan, this great gifty is published in 2014, CFDA.

Image via WWD

Monday, December 8, 2014

Inside of  St. Andrew's Wesley Church, the stained glass and candle light provided a dramatic setting for "Wandering Stars", yet another superb display of fashion and design talent from this year's Grad Class.  The entire event, from start to finish, is always a wonderful welcome for guests, and a terrific opportunity to see the very latest in style possibilities.  The wandering designers have come from many places including, Tibet, Taiwan, Kentucky, Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, and, of course, Canada.  This collection had a 'space age' futuristic feel to it - Earth plus other worlds, far beyond the 'every day' street or store window scene.  The stars will go far in their careers, in their work places and in their businesses.  To wear the stand out whites and blacks, the intricate cut outs, the Kimonos, the capes, the colors, all of it - is to be transported.

While more than 35 designers presented, Dasha Volkhava, Jessica Lee, Joanna Pang, Liis Sober, Shin Yi Chi and Tiya are highlighted, here, courtesy of Ron Sombilon Photography.

I was impressed by the students' portfolios, with each one having a unique cover and layout.  Presentation, presentation, presentation.  Illustrations, fabrics, themes, intended wearer, resumes, business cards, all perfect for a fashion library - I want them all.

An array of treats and refreshments graced the white tablecloths.  We were well taken care of by Chewy Junior and French Made Baking.  UVA made colorful, refreshing and herb sprigged, non-alcoholic beverages - perfect!  Goody bags, courtesy of CurliQue Beauty Boutique, located right at the downtown Blanche Macdonald Campus.  (Star of the street, right across from the main library on Robson and Homer)

Kudos all on a rainy, dark evening, brightened immensely by all of these stars.  Shine on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This was my first time at VALT and I highly recommend it! The theme was Vicissitudes: revolution, evolution, revelation and it was certainly all of those. Held at the Maritime Labour Centre, this was an event packed evening, one of 3, plus another evening of mix and mingle and introductions. In the first three hours of the Evolution night, I had a chance to meet the organizers, get lots of photos and see six runway shows, a film, "With You" by Shayne Zwickel, an extensive art exhibit, and hear music by The Written Years and Yuca. Very friendly and efficient hosts, thoughtful photographers (no flashes in your face) creative, dynamic artists, designers, models and performers and, as usual, lots of familiar faces from Vancouver's vibrant fashion scene. Thanks to Kat Ferneyhough, VALT Co-Founder and Creative Director for making this experience a great one!  Read more at

The following are just a fraction of all that I saw during the evening.  Performance by Bizarnival and Fashion by Atlas, Nocturnus Couture, Zollection, Dixon, Carolyn Bruce Designs, Protagonist Menswear and Shiverz Designs, really showed the fit, form and function of great construction. These are clothes that move, and also those that the eye must follow! No mannequins here and no outfits hanging idly, marked 'for display only'.

There were many sponsors to make this 3 night extravaganza possible. Maritime murals were a fine background for the art exhibit.  Loved Kat's dress and fantasy shoe/boots. Then, there was a certain Marilyn's tattoo top. (Lovely to think of all the tattoos you could have and none of them permanent.)  Once again, VALT is an action filled event to add to your fashion and style agenda.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Recently, at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Ivan Sayers opened the Richmond Museum's Exhibit: Interwoven World: Identity and Fashion. Bringing dresses and accessories from one of the largest private collections in Canada, Ivan showed many cross-cultural influences, both past and present, on the Canadian Fashion scene. Of the fifteen or more outfits and numerous combinations, (in only 40 minutes) I chose nine of my favorites. After the fabulous fashion show, we were introduced to the extensive museum exhibit of clothing, furniture, equipment and yes, its many cross-cultural origins. Impressive setting and a great welcome and introduction to and by Richmond Cultural Centre. As always, an informative and delightful presentation by Ivan and his models. Audience dressed up too, including Kwantlen Fashion students. So much to see and so many worlds in every creation.

Image via Richmond Museum

1890 dressing gown with big shoulders and 
puffy sleeves. Eastern and Western influences, 
with a French panel down the back.

Cape with frogged closing.  European and Asian 
influences.  Pink fabric made in Europe but embroidered 
in Japan. High waist, Art Nouveau, long legged look, 
bustle pad, feather fan.

Dress - 1923/24 heavy glass beading, red and gold, 
Shanghai, head dress and wig supposed to look like 
ancient Egypt. (Note that turbans and head dresses 
were recently spotted at Vancouver Fashion Week)

Imperial yellow shawl, Chinese manufactured 
but sewn in the Philippines, carved ivory jewelry. 
Underneath the shawl, she is wearing a Chamsong 
(much like the male Scholar's gown). 1930's, subtle curve 
for waist, hand embroidered for export, Manchurian 
shoes (Horseshoe shape)

Huge shoulders on this fur coat from Shanghai, 
blond fox fur coat-exotic and symbolizing wealth

'Folk Dress' Hungarian - attention to authentic, 
ethnic dress. Raw silk jacket made in Egypt, 
International Marketplace. Rajistani embroidery, 
lots of little mirrors.

Green, worn in Kuala Lampur, glamor for 
a warm night, post war l940-50, super feminine, 
bit skirt, small waist, possibilities for peace time society

Photo 8 - Late 50's coat of yellow silk 
(even though it looks white) Chinese from 
Hong Kong,  beaded hand sewn dress from 
East Germany

Japanese designer Issey Miyake, green 
and complex mix of layers and folds.

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