Monday, February 18, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019 saw Dianna Drahanchuk taking these photos at the AFAM fashion show and showroom, this time at the Scottish Cultural Centre. Many thanks to Yao Zeus Mohammed for the opportunity to learn more about African Fashion, Music, Dance and Art, in a vibrant, well executed sequence of displays, runway show, awards, all celebrations of cultural pride, traditions, diversity, family, community and a brilliant window into what AFAM brings to the world. Here is what I wrote the first time I went.

I am always impressed by the showroom at each AFAM evening. This is your chance to buy handwoven cottons, runway looks, accessories, crafts and Art. The showroom is open early and is available throughout the entire show. 

Sade Awele  sang us into the evening. Love her classic look and smile, which set the tone of welcome to a celebration of excellence.

The diversity of models and their animated walking and dancing down the runway, showed the clothing to its best advantage. We saw 'wearable art', stories through fashion, and skillful tailoring that allowed freedom of movement as well as flattering fit. Loved the modelling of bags and shoes, too. It is rare that both would have such attention, and deservedly so, in the show.

In grey and dark Vancouver, we need this smile and sun. Congratulations on an excellent event. Looking forward to the next AFAM show, for sure!

Here is a list of the designers:

Tribe Asani - Pelumi Ogunbanwo, Tribe Awele, Mawogan, Keanue Kraft Creation, Udamma Fashion, Marbelling Creation, Touch of Africa, Redsoil, House of Ethiopia, Kabumbe.

Photos and writing by Dianna Drahanchuk

Visitors to Ivan’s house, even if they’ve been there several times, never get bored. Ivan happily shows his guests through his house describing his 50 plus year’s worth of collections. Here, and there and there and around this corner, is his library of fashion and textile books dating back to 1798. He’s even collected obscure items like mail order catalogues, books on fashion philosophy, ethnic underwear, 30’s fashion from Brazil, etc. He has fashion magazines including most Vogue editions going back to 1915 and even the local 2010 edition of “Vancouver Fashion” magazine edited and produced by writer, Marilyn Wilson shown below. He intends to have Marilyn sign it at her book signing on February 19, at Kapade Boutique, #101-440 West Hastings, see her website. The trunk functions as his coffee table (Ivan bakes really good cookies) and contains a collection he acquired from a Japanese/Scottish donor with artifacts dating from the 1920-40’s, including dresses she wore in a concentration camp in WW2.

Upstairs, the hallway is crammed with Edwardian items dating from 1892 to 1921. One bedroom he calls the ‘modern' room is chock a block full of 20’s and 30’s pieces. The other 'modern modern’ bedroom is equally full of 40’s and 50’s articles. He’s been collecting so long that he has outlasted other collectors and has been reacquiring items he sold or traded to them years ago and is glad to have them back again. From these two rooms, he selects clothing and accessories for the various themed live model fashion shows he presents about once a month. He proudly announces that he has already been booked for a show in 2022 for the International Jane Austen Society convention to be held in Victoria. 

Downstairs again, he gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming “Wearing of the Green” show as he whips out a frilly sequinned concoction recently donated to him. Since every garment has a story, I wonder what this one will tell. The show is a fund raising event for the Marpole Community Museum on March 16, 1:30 pm at St. Augustine Parish Hall located at 8680 Hudson Street. Check Ivan’s website for this and upcoming shows.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Photos and post by Treasure Seeker Colleen 

Such excitement for the John Casablancas Institute Grad Fashion Show at The Roundhouse, a spectacular community space that despite being a large venue, wraps itself around a runway and truly highlights celebrations and brings its audience close. The big, box cameras were set up early and photographers gathered at the foot of the runway. Naturally, phones were out and texts were sent continuously. I sat with a proud Grandmother, who was observing a first modelling assignment by her young grand daughter. Grandmother, a stylish model herself, is considering writing a blog about her travels as she follows her grand daughter's career. Fantastic that she was seated in the front row, where I would like to see all parents and grand parents of such talent.

Loved the one page pink program with CORE Grads and FAD Grads listed on one side and fantastic Sponsors, on the other side. Thanks to inspirational speakers: Mark Savard and Andrew Slusar, too. So important to recognize and acknowledge Staff, Sponsors and Supporters! Dianna Drahanchuk and I would like to thank Instructor, Melanie Kroeker McIntosh, for the invitation to John Casablancas Grad Fashion Show and for the opportunity to see such confident, statement making designs and one of a kind looks. Loved the colors, the print messages and the expert tailoring. Great to know that these clothes are meant to be worn and worn with energy and pizzazz. John Fluevog shoes not only complimented the styles but also ensured a stylish, strong walk down the runway.
Such happy Grads! Such an enthusiastic, responsive audience. Repeat, please!

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