Monday, October 6, 2014

Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, curated this wonderful exhibit from their own collections.  The Museum of Vancouver was once again transformed into a rich, visual history of the clothing and accessories of the war years and the rebuilding afterwards.  September 17th was the opening night and fashion photographers, writers and lovers of all things fashion made this a sold out performance!  There were spats, fedoras, two toned shoes and pocket watches.  Clock purses, poodle skirts, hats galore, suits, cocktail dresses, pearls and more creativity than you can imagine. 

Ivan introduced the collections, noting the hardships and devastation of war.  As he says, "We chose the artifacts for their relevance, their appearance and their stories." It was wonderful to have Ivan and Claus there, throughout the evening to discuss the exhibit.  If you look at the Museum of Vancouver's website, you will find tour dates that will really add to your experience.

The Museum of Vancouver also has a special fundraiser: a beautiful publication of photographs of items that represent: A Time to Be Strong - 1939-1945, New Look, New Woman 1947-1955, Girl Power 1955-59, Accessories, and Labels.  This is a great collectible, especially if you get it signed! The  book goes into a colorful Museum of Vancouver zippered bag.  Fantastic, record of a very memorable evening and collection. 

Kudos Ivan Sayers, Claus Jahnke, SMOC (Society for the Museum of Original Costume) crew and Museum of Vancouver!

1945 Canada - Rae Hildebrand, evening 
Dress with turban featuring sequined
fruit. Glamour through pattern rather than 
excessive fabric - war time restriction.
(Photos by Colleen and Connie)

Cocktail Dress - 1950 Silk Taffeta USA by Ceil 
Chapman, Marilyn Monroe's favorite designer

Gerhard Von Rosen, Fashion Photographer 
and best recorder of Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, 
curators of the current exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. 
From Rationing to Ravishing: The transformation of Women's 
Fashion - 1940's and 50's.

What the attendees wore to the opening of 
this exhibit: Pearls, Pill Hats and 
Peep Toes

Mom's home made poodle skirt and bobby 
socks to match

Clock purse

Canadians supporting the war effort:
1943, 1942, cotton shirt - v for victory, 
1942 overalls for women working at 

Canadian landscape

Cocktails or Dancing, anyone?

Day dresses - practical, easy care,
knee length

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As of Vancouver Design Week, I went out to the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) to see some of the latest in all kinds of design, here. The museum is located at the HR MacMillan Planetarium and right outside is one of our famous landmarks, the Crab sculpture, made of stainless steel and created by George Norris.  This beauty really set the tone for more than 30 unique products and environments.

The climbing harness, very lightweight, yet strong, is designed by 
Tony Richardson, an outdoor equipment designer. Working for Arc'teryx 
for seven years, he has created everything from hats to footwear.  Climbing 
harnesses are his current focus. He is so enthusiastic about his product that I 
almost bought a couple for two enthusiastic Seattle climbers that I know would 
love to try this out.'

Snugvest is designed by Lucia Hsieh for individuals coping with physical 
challenges such as cerebral palsy, leukodystrophy, and hypertonia.  Industrial 
designer, Lisa Fraser, Founder and CEO of Snug Vest, with is also passionate 
about bringing helpful products to individuals with cognitive and anxiety challenges. 
Snug Vest can be a hug for people with autism and sensory disorders.  Beautifully 
tailored and colorful, the vest is invaluable  has received the BC Creative Achievement 
Award and BC Business Top 30 under 30.

Nocturnal Workshop Co-Founder and Designer, Tyler Froese, is in his fourth 
year of Fashion Design at Kwantlen University.  I hope to see his graduating 
collection and interview him for the blog, very soon, too.  There is definitely a 
place in the world of outdoor/sports equipment, for well tailored and constructed, 
reflective backpacks, among other things.  These come in a range of colors and 
styles and look terrific as well as making sure drivers can see you walking or riding 
your bike, at night. I liked how the packs were displayed as they would be in a 
store; everyone was eager to take them off the rack and put them right on.

Rob Nathan - Freelance Designer, 139 Design!  Award winner and 
designer of a wide range of products.  Product Director at SOLE for 9 years 
before launching his own company.  I was impressed with the orthotics, light 
weight, made to measure and much more affordable than the $$$ 'must haves' 
for our family athletes. hmmm

Wonderful event featuring Digital Graffiti Walls, glass expression, furniture 
designs, skateboards,(longboards) folding kayaks,  and much, much, more!

Transformers and transformative power!  Awesome achievements, all!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The invitation came in brilliant red, an important missive, for sure! It turned out to be for an exciting event on the evening of September 23; a cocktail party to celebrate the up and coming Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) coming up, January 31, in Toronto! So pleased to see "outstanding achievement and emerging Canadian talent in Fashion Design "recognized and celebrated". Joe Mimran (Joe Fresh) was awarded, last year, for being an icon of Canadian Style and is also the Chair of CAFA.  Jeanne Beker received the 2014 Vanguard Award, Jeremy Laing was awarded for his Womens Wear Collections and Travis Taddeo for his Mens Wear. There are at least 12 awards in total and honorees will receive theirs at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto.

This was an evening, then, to learn more about CAFA and to meet members of our own fashion and design community. Held at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, in downtown Vancouver, we had lots of opportunity to meet and greet and to share the wonderful refreshments, catered by the hotel, and to have photos taken at 'the wall' because of course, in the middle of Vancouver Fashion Week, VIFF, Design Week, Open Doors and so much more, we're now in the habit of dressing for the occasion.

So thanks sponsors, and especially to Sephora for the little black gift bags! Thanks to the organizers, and to Vicky Milner, for that stunning invite, welcomers and to the gracious staff of the Fairmont. We will be going from one Fairmont to the next as we watch the January 2015, very well deserved awards, coming right up!

Special thanks to Sonia K., photographer and partner in all things fashion!

Dressed up to celebrate creative
minds and achievements: Sue left and 
Samantha far right (BWSS My Sister's Closet),
Me and Sonia the photographer

Ruiz Y Laza, Donna Kuczynski, Me and Samantha (My Sister's Closet)

At the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards

Oysters, Sushi and a gorgeous array of delicious catered by the Fairmont Pacific.
Such a lovely welcome to the event!

Sponsors for the CAFA Awards - thanks to Sephora for the little gift bag!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The location, the designs, the audience, the models, the music, the format, what more can I say except extraordinary, world wide, futuristic, wildly creative and that Vancouver eco friendly and health conscious show construction and presentation.  Not much paper, no plastic bags, lots of recyclables, gorgeous plants, (not cut flowers) music, ballet and very friendly, efficient ticketing, leading to a relaxing, yet dynamic experience.

Priscille Cavinet (Paris) The silky, fitted tops and skirts with front details and 
varied hemlines would flatter petites, as would the shorts.  Fabulous hair 
and jewelry and Priscille, herself, modelling her look on the runway.

Shinya Yamaguchi (Japan) showed a men's street and formal men's 
wear collection that had the instant attention of the men 
sitting by me.  We celebrate you!

Thabo Makhetha (South Africa) gorgeous colors in beautifully detailed and 
visual jackets and capes.  Brilliant yellows and blues.  I want them all.

Atiz-the perfect white summer dress, short and very feminine, 
lots of reds and golds and Atiz, herself, on the red carpet.

Akira Kuwabara (Japan) Stunning, futuristic dresses, in 3d, complex 
shading of greys, blacks and reds.  Origami like cutting and styling of 
jackets and coats.  Begone hooded raincoats, Vancouver! Akira, 
you bow to your fans and we stood up and bowed to you.

Daiki Shimizu (Japan) Fantastic layered and ruffled, grey dresses - 
perhaps 50 shades of?  Wonderful design execution.

Blushing Boutique - floral, flirty and fitted designs, great 
for all figures but lovely for petites like me.  Patterned sundress, just one of 
those you'd love to find but easily made to fit and flatter at the boutique.
Kudos designers!  This year's the one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Over 65 collections from all over the world, were shown, this year, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, a much more central and scenic location than previous sites.  The weather was sunny and warm, showing off a city that is a jewel in summer and fall.  Attendees dressed it up, (as always) and here is Joel's (up and coming designer) eye catching shirt.  Rosemary on violin, (check out those shoes) and Roy on a Steinway from Tom Lee Music, accompanied the Goh Ballet dancers down the runway for the first show of Tuesday evening: Mary Zilba (Real Housewives of Vancouver) and her gorgeous line:Lotusactiva!  There was lots of celebration of Japanese wear for the Japanese designers...O Japan, the beautiful.  Vancouver Fashion Week #VFW, the place to be to see the most fashion forward designs, ever!

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