Sunday, April 22, 2018

Guys' Night Out at The Bay is always a fantastic opportunity to see the latest trends, find great prices and enjoy music and refreshments and a truly social evening! Dress up, casual, lots of color and pattern in men's wear. And hats, the classic fedora, panama and baseball cap, all there! And me, dressed to the nines from MySistersCloset, boutique thrift at Seymour and Helmcken.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas
Photos by Dianna Drahanchuk and Colleen Tsoukalas

This is the second IPop Canada ( fashion event that I have enjoyed very much. I wrote the first one up, here.

David Chen, VP of IPop Canada and Founder and Producer of this show here, and Ron Patterson, President of IPop Canada, plan two shows, per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. They want to promote international talent in design and performance. Both shows that I have seen, have featured fashion from around the world, dance, magic, music and much more. Designers and performers evidence confidence, poise, enthusiasm and well rehearsed runway modelling and true showcasing of talents. David partnered with The Canadian Cancer Society in fundraising at this event. (Entitled, "The Power of Love", this show was all about connecting with the audience and bringing them in to a place of empowerment, ability, creativity, sharing and the Art of style, ballet, tap and dance in shoes and slippers, on skates (Lana Shahar of Roller Dance Owl) and in wheelchairs. Loved Olesya Kornienko, President of Wheelchair Dance/Sport Association Canada and Ballroom Dance with Cerebral Palsy and her soulful solo performance.

Harman Maddhar's gorgeous song: "If Ever I Fall", further celebrated talent and inclusion.

VCAD grads showed on-trend shorts, beneath, gauzy skirts, long and short, polka dots and pops of orange, silver and gold as well as jewel toned blue and green combinations. Daring and different!

Sara Ceno's coats were leather, fitted and embellished. One of a kind and wearable into Spring.

Elegant wedding party gowns and outfits for all ages, were beautifully made and modelled by ROYVL Imaging Academy.

U-Fashion also showed gauzy and fanciful outfits.

Sweetlegs leggings were a total hit, perfect for sports or streetwear.

It was an outstanding evening, and I thank David Chen, Iryna Getman and Tabassum Chagani for their hard work and organization. Performers, Designers, Production Crew and Volunteers, congratulations all! Kudos to Coordinators: Nahla Hopfe, Gu Lina, Tandle Huang, Chiemi Fuse,Tai Jiang!

David Chen and Vivian Chen, Emcee

A big thanks from Dianna, Keiko, Carolyn, and Nahla

Friday, April 20, 2018

Fashion Week, El Paseo, not only features a variety of fashion events: runway shows, designer meet and greets, and trunk shows where you can try on and purchase the dresses of your dreams, it also offers onsite exhibits, this year's being Eve's Garden. This extraordinary display of 'narrative' dresses was open, at no charge, for three days, March 18 19, and 20 as well as during ticketed runway shows, from 6:30-8:00 nightly.

This was truly a garden with dresses suspended from branches, surrounded by butterflies, some with birds and flower patterns, others with historical postcards and letters and another, right at the entrance, a dark reminder of the "Me, Too" movement. These are eco creations, fashioned from found objects, recycled and upcycled remnants of our culture and history, a call out to social justice issues, a call to look up from technology to appreciate nature and a strong message for creativity, hope and peace. I met the four artists: Gigi Eckert, who designs jewellery, Melinda Forbes, Julie Frankel, and Meg Johnson. They did a magnificent job of introducing their work and telling us about the ideas behind it. They really set the stage for the many narratives our clothes can tell. And not only that, but the stories that are as reflective of the times and of the people who make and wear them. My fondest wish would be to see them all at ECO Fashion Week, this November, 2018, in Perth and Queensland, Australia, and that the dresses tell their story, worldwide. See more about the dresses here, and another great article here.

Julie Frankel gave a fabulous tour of all of the dresses! 

Written by Maeve Downing

I’m Maeve Downing and I’m here to talk to you about Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (VKFW). This is my second article for Clothes Line Finds, read my first hereVKFW was held at the Chinese Cultural Centre on Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25, 2018.

I was backstage being a model. I got there at 8:30am, sat down and waited. Eventually I went up for hair and makeup. They left my hair down and put some flowers in it. They also gave me some shiny eye shadow. It was amazing to get my makeup done because it was relaxing and I think it looked cool. Then I got my dress on. I wore a MillionBillion floral print dress with cuts in the sleeve. I felt great in it. After I got it on, the designer picked the shoes she wanted me to wear. I got to wear my navy high heels! I waited a bit more until finally it was my turn on the catwalk. When I got on the runway, I felt happy with all the lights shining on me and the cameras snapping pictures.

One of the brands I modeled for La Movida, a Vancouver sewing school, participated in VKFW because the owner Laurie Allan-Franks thought her student’s work was amazing and deserved to be shown. I did VKFW because I love modeling and fashion. My friend Nicole who also modeled for La Movida feels the same. I do not know about other kids though. I have a feeling fashion isn’t that important to them. That might change if they went to the shows and got to see fun and colourful collections like The Simpsons.

If you haven’t been to VKFW yet, you should attend next season. It’s a great place to learn about new
kid’s brands and to see cute little kids on the runway. I’ll be there, hopefully you will be too.

Photo by Simon Armstrong
Million Billion

Photo by Simon Armstrong
La Movida

Maeve (left) and Nicole (right)
Photo by Bang Jo

Not only are the runway shows, magnificent at Fashion Week, El Paseo, but there are also Trunk Shows, where you can try on the clothing, usually after a mini show or a meet and greet. What I really admire is that fashion week benefits programs and organizations in the community, in this case, Palm Valley School.

Here is a great article about Herrera's evening runwayshow.

Sharon and I attended the Trunk Show at Saks Fifth Avenue, El Paseo, on Saturday, March 25th. The store is beautifully lit and is decorated in neutral colors so that the stunning reds, greens, golds of Herrera's collection, popped at the top of the staircase. Even her whites are crisp and complex and never dull. Loved the whites and blacks, the flowers on black, the jewel green with white flowers, cocktail dresses to more casual, all unique standouts. Imagine that one impossible to find, white shirt classic with cuffs and a perfect fit? You know where to find it. Carolina Herrera makes it. This collection sings Spring, in all its radiance after the gray of Winter.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thanks to Dianna Drahanchuk for capturing the dynamic collections of these highly accomplished Designers. SETSETSET, the first photos are from the collection of Korean Designer, Zhang Yun-Kyung. Vibrant colours, and patterns make this womenswear fun and perfect for Spring.

Nozomi Kuwahara, is a Japanese Designer who graduated from the Bunka Fashion School in Japan and from Parsons, New York. Her ready to wear collection is a humorous salute to what she calls Monster University students. It is a complex study of color, texture and style, popular not only in Japan but worldwide.

Eros Tolentino is from Milan, Italy and this is a presentation of the 52 Hertz Collection that is "... a balance of life, soul and the environment, all in the modern world."

Alex S. Yu showed over 30 looks entitled The Crimson Demur. His inspiration is from Grimm's Fairy Tales. He designs for women and men and many of his designs are unisex, a very popular trend today. His luxury line shouts out adventure, experiment and color, color, color in what can be a grey concrete world. He refers to himself as "a colorful minimalist" but his work is all about intensity and complexity in every way, shape and form.

Big thanks to all of these Designers, but especially to Alex S. Yu for the invite to a wonderful display of creativity and a huge salute to what a wardrobe could be.

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