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Recently shackled and confined indoors by a shadowy, sinister spectre named Pneumonia, I battled this macabre monster into a corner, swiftly, by dressing it daily, in shrouds, musty wool blankets, damp robes with pockets filled with inhalers and pill bottles, all weighted down with the heaviest and most haunting metals by Carolyn Bruce. I tired out the beast and sent it skulking and slithering under the door, down the dark stairway and out into the burning hot sun and deeps of False Creek. 

My love of Fashion, here and worldwide, has sustained me and kept the beast in its corner. I have chased Fashion, Design and Architecture in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, now and travel plus Vancouver Fashion Week and Global Fashion Collective shows bring me year round  stories, dramas, and dances, all set in video and stage backdrops, a kind of bringing the classics and castles, here. 

Please have a look at my reel of opening night of Vancouver Fashion Week, this past season, and see some of our local and international Designers, share their visions and how so many community builders dress up and support these weeks of history in the making.  We are always welcomed and hosted by CEO and Founder of VFW, Jamal Abdourahman and Sarah Murray, VCC Fashion

The following photos are my way of connecting fashion here with my UK adventures. "The eye must travel", and so must the soul. Confined to a small space, indoors, even for a short time is not for me. Any beast that dares to invade my world, be forewarned that you will have to work, to be dressed and to march that runway. And, since you won't like having to perform and write, you will have to leave the floor. So farewell oh beastly pneumonia and hello to a warm and fashionable summer and fall. Looking forward to the very next best season of Vancouver Fashion Week, coming soon! 

A visit to see the Elgin Marbles at the British National Museum had me captivated with what the Greeks did with marble. You can also see one of my reels here. The pleating and draping and subtle shading, remnants of what was once brilliant colour, fitted to the body and moving with it, never still, reminds me so much of the costume created by Vancouver's Eduardo Ramos for Ballet BC Dancer, Sidney Chuckas. You can see it on one of my reels here

London's Fashion and Textile Museum had a fabulous exhibit: THE BIBA STORY 1964-1975 and I was fascinated by Barbara Hulanicki's fashion story and illustrations. Illustration at Vancouver Fashion Week is a constant delight and I was reminded of the wonderful work of local illustrator Forest Tomlin, now relocated in Zurich but still illustrating for Global Fashion Collective. See his Vancouver Fashion Week reel here.

Finally, the bagpipes of Scotland called (The Pipe Band of the Royal Tank Reg. Reel) and all of the castles, grey stone, tartan and rich woollens brought to mind the award winning local VCC Fashion Designer/Instructor, Allison Dunne. Her family heritage is connected to the Shetland Islands and her patterns and textiles remind me of  Scottish cities  and the need for vivid colours and warm forever knits.

Photo of Allison Dunne and Sue Randhawa, courtesy of VCC 

Here's me, looking at you and inviting you to look more at Fashion and find yourself a seat, this Fall at Vancouver Fashion Week.

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