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Retro Riviera A Hot Exhibit of International and Local Outfits (1960-1970's) From the Collections of Ivan Sayers and SMOC (Society for the Museum of Original Costume) on now until July 2 @hudsonbayvancouverdowntown)

 RETRO RIVIERA is a timely, hot (1960-1970's) collection currently on at Hudson Bay Vancouver Downtown, 2nd floor, The Room. The pieces are from the collections of Ivan Sayers and the  Society for the Museum of Original Costume (SMOC). Last Saturday, June 15, Ivan Sayers emceed a Retro Riviera Fashion Show, in a special VIP suite, at The Room, and more than 75 people dressed up and headed into what was a lively summer ticketed event, proceeds to SMOC. We do want a Costume Museum here, as most cities have one to showcase local and international contemporary and  historic clothing and textiles. I have visited  Costume Museums in Toronto, Montreal, Japan and now throughout the UK. The collections are waiting for storage and exhibition and so many more events. Meanwhile, you can visit Hudson Bay Vancouver Downtown to see outfits you might remember, now through July 2.

Claus Jahnke and I recently visited the RETRO RIVIERA  exhibit and he chose some of his favourites. He finds this collection to be quirky and one that broke down barriers, during the 60's and 70's. Imagine women not being able to wear trousers, especially to work. I remember having my skirts measured at school to ensure they were not too short. There was a lot of pressure to dress 'quietly' and modestly. Lots of rules about patterns and colour combinations for women and men, rules, that were discarded, thankfully. And these changes were world wide, not just here or in the USA. 

The Lounging Caftan, was "inspired  by traditional garments worn in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Nurmesniemi Vuokko from Helsinki worked for Marimekko and had her own label, Vuokko in 1964." This is one of Claus' first choices and I love how it was designed internationally and came here, to us. The Pucci, (Italy) is a bikini and cover up, that is signed and is an example of a bathing suit that is form fitting and accessorized by a cover up that is sheer. The Pant Suit, is made here by Missy House of Canada. These are Claus's first 3 picks and then there were the orange summer dress, a tie-dye, custom made in Nigeria and the green Two Piece Outfit by Aldare,  Lagos, made in Nigeria. I loved the Summer Overdress & Trousers by Austrian, Rudi Gernreich Designed for Harmon Knitwear. The green and orange colours, the stripes and circle, make this an outfit I would love to wear. My own resort wear for the day, consisted of a pale mauve dress and patterned mauve 'cover-up', always great for the beach. My beach bag is covered in sunglasses. I also wore a Japanese mauve and yellow flower brooch by Dancing Leaf Design. Fashion and Resorts are international! 

Claus and Ivan, founders of SMOC (Society for the Museum of Original Costume) established it in 1992 to "collect historic fashion, traditional costume" and textiles and to "display our collection in a permanent museum of historic fashion and fabric arts". So many exhibits and events in the city, around Metro Vancouver and the value of collections that reveal our history, culture, politics, trends and fashion stories. Hudson Bay, so historically and architecturally significant is the perfect site for RETRO RIVIERA and more fashion history from Claus and Ivan and SMOC. Please see my reel of Claus's photos of Ivan's Retro Riviera event, June 15th and my photos of our day at the exhibit here:

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