Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Tess Wellington Lasalle College Vancouver Illustrates 3 Designs from Lasalle Grads At Vancouver Fashion Week April 25, 2024

Each VFW season, I like to encourage Fashion Program students to illustrate designs from their schools or others showing their collections. Audiences are interested in watching the live sketching and it gives students an opportunity to share their drawing techniques. It is also a chance for new Designers to see others' perspectives of their work on the runway. Tess Wellington chose 3 outfits to illustrate: 1) ROMANTIC SAMARA BY Anahita Heydari 2) FIGURA INSTRUMENTAL by Frida Guzman Perez  and 3) XEOMETRIA by Ana Paula Reynaud. These were done beautifully and quickly posted to her Instagram. I am so impressed that she thanked Lasalle for the opportunity to attend VFW, to draw the models and "...to watch these new designers make their debut into the Fashion World." I also liked the appreciative comments from the Designers and how this builds school community. Tess hopes to illustrate again at VFW, next Fall. She will graduate from the Lasalle Fashion Diploma Program in the Spring of 2025 and will show her final collection at VFW. She has been drawn to Fashion because she just loves sewing and being creative and has worked in a Silkscreen and Embroidery shop, back home, and as a costume designer for the local theatre program. Having recently finished her Fashion Illustration class, she felt confident about doing these sketches. She has been drawing since she was very young and wanted to be a Comic Artist. After her show at VFW, in 2025, she would like to work for a design company and is also hoping to do Professional Illustration. There are many directions for Tess to take her career. I see so many possibilities, Tess! Here are photos Also please check out my Instagram for the complete Lasalle Fashion Show Rehearsal that was done for 300 Lower Mainland High School Students. Lasalle Designers did the show in the morning and then again in the evening at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Photo by REZA SAMIMI @samimi_reza



XEOMETRIA by Ana Paula Reynaud


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Great writup.

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Thanks @marilynrwilsonofficial for the support to write up our Fashion Students.

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