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Maeve Downing: Volunteering, Learning The Art of Fashion Show Production Behind the Scenes At Vancouver Fashion Week

I met Maeve at Vancouver Kids Fashion Week in 2017. Since then, she has been actively involved in the Fashion world and agreed to a short interview to tell us what she has been up to!  

Maeve Downing lights up when she talks about her passions: environmental activism, theatre production, stage management, music, fashion and volunteering. She was attracted to her school's leadership program by key words: Social Justice, Sustainability and Action; she has projects in mind and is determined to get them done. She is the Drummer in the school's band/jazz band. She is the Stage Manager for the yearly play. She runs the Climate Club and wants to see a District Wide Student Event that shouts out critical environmental issues through the message board of Fashion. Maeve says that since everyone is involved in fashion, it is easy to attract volunteers to this important cause. Fashion Note, here: Maeve is wearing a gorgeous brooch, a Crane. Cranes are symbols for Creativity, Perceptiveness, Wisdom, Conservation, Preservation, Peace, and Joy, all of which were reflected during this interview. Fashion speaks.  

A long time Volunteer at Vancouver Fashion Week, she is involved in every way, possible. She modelled for two seasons at Vancouver Kids Fashion Week, held bi-annually, during the weekend days of Vancouver Fashion Week. This time it is April 27-28, 2024. Not only did she model and help back stage, but she also was a guest blogger with me, in 2017 and 2018. At age 8, she could easily describe kids' fashion, especially that one dress that everyone would want in their closet. Here she is in 2017  and  2018. She has modelled twice for  VFW and recently attended  NYFW with  Global Fashion Collective. When I am doing Designer interviews, I see Maeve dashing by with a steamer, scissors, tape, stapler, and her phone, that crucial connection to every station at the huge event that is Vancouver Fashion Week. I know that she would have the flashlight to guide me and would know exactly where people are. And along the way, if I asked her about an idea, she would have a better one. About Volunteering, she says, you have to be ready for a fast moving environment and be prepared to be involved, to be busy and to be doing things that matter. She has vision and people follow her. Maeve says there is a place for almost everyone at Vancouver Fashion Week and many more volunteers are needed. There is a very helpful orientation and you learn from others, too. It's truly a group project!  

Maeve and I met up at John Hendry Park (Trout Lake) a beautiful spot in East Vancouver. And here is another example of the consummate Volunteer, one who is willing to meet up on a chilly, gray day, walk around and answer questions, pose for photos and not ask, "Where is Annie Leibovitz?" and help with the ideas for this blog. Maeve will read this, in draft, and will likely add more photos and ideas to bring in more volunteers. So very organized, she will ensure that the job gets done and done well. This was an hour in the busy life of a Volunteer. What was accomplished? Thank you Maeve for this interview, a shout out to Vancouver Kids Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week  and  Global Fashion Collective, a reflection of some different ways to volunteer: modelling, helping backstage, working with new recruits, helping with social media, talking about being a volunteer, seeing runway shows, meeting Designers, Models, Hair and Make-up Professionals, learning about the fashion industry, impact and sustainability, expanding resumes and learning about other careers, building community, all by being an active participant in fashion weeks. By the way, did you know that most cities have them and when you travel, you just might be able to volunteer? But first start here, in your own city, at your own, very accessible  Vancouver Fashion Week  and Vancouver Kids Fashion Week. See you there, April 23-28th, 2024. On April 25th, Maeve modelled for @vccfashion Grad, Designer, MIAN LAM, in her collection: MERZIFORMATION. This is such a joyful collection, with a birthday party theme. At the end of this whimsical, celebratory show, I received a purple birthday hat! I put it right on! More at information about volunteering at fashion week  here. Benefits for Volunteering: Learning more about local and international Fashion Designers and Fashion trends Work Experience and Resume Development, expanding your skill set, being on a variety of teams and assignments in a fast paced environment (with lots of support) and sharing Fashion as action and Fashion with a message, including your own Fashion Week! This offers the opportunity to acquire new skills in the time you have, for a week or year round. Hearing new Music and learning how Music and Art complement and enhance runway performance is another fantastic perk!

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Photo courtesy of Maeve Downing

Photo courtesy of Maeve Downing

Maeve  Modelling for VCC Fashion Designer, Mian Lam (red hat) at Fashion Week April 25, 2024

Maeve at Fashion Week modelling for Merziformation by Mian Lam, April  25, 2024

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