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JCI Institute: Fashion Business & Creative Arts: Illustrating Classic Couture At The Little Black Dress Exhibit, A Collaboration Between Hudson Bay Vancouver Downtown and Ivan Sayers (SMOC)

The Little Black Dress Exhibit, featuring dresses from the collection of Ivan Sayers, is a fantastic collaboration between Adam McCormack, Special Events Co-ordinator at Hudson's Bay Vancouver Downtown, and Ivan Sayers, Honorary Curator SMOC. The exhibit of 12 vintage, couture black dresses, started March 1 and is extended until March 25th. Would have been great to hear movie soundtracks for movies featuring these dresses and also, some Oscar De La Renta Perfume samples since Oscar did come to the Bay to advertise the perfume and Ivan Sayers got one of Oscar's designs signed. (Yes, it is featured in this collection) It has been very popular with staff, shoppers, SMOC members and Fashion Program students. Thanks to Melanie Kroeker Mcintosh, of JCI, I was delighted to meet two very accomplished first year students, Valentina Gutierrez Castano and Danni Yu, who came to illustrate their favourite dresses and share their design perspectives. Their work will be featured on The Bay's instagram. 

Luis Gomez, Associate Manager The Bay, Second Floor, came over to watch two excellent sketches emerge. Within a couple of hours, Valentina and Danni had carefully examined each dress, and read the Designer information and the history of Ivan Sayers, renowned Fashion Historian/Collector and of SMOC - Society for the Museum of Original Costume.This was a first time visit, for Valentina and Danni, and now they know more about Hudson Bay and that many more events are in the works. I think Illustrations can be simple line sketches, or quick impressions, but in this instance, I wanted the Students to show something of their own backgrounds, Valentina, from Colombia and Danni from China. Valentina chose 2 dresses, the first from American Designer Ben Reig, New York, and is black silk chiffon, made 1956-57. It has a connection here, since "it was worn to official functions, by the wife of a Canadian Vice-Council to the USA." Her second favourite is by Christian Dior, France 1961-63. Against a background of the Columbian National Flower, The Cattleya Orchid, Columbian coffee in a cup and a bag of coffee beans, Valentina also adds that this is a "Producto De Colombia". The photos cannot capture all of the fine details, the weighted hem, the pleats, the texture and light of the fabrics, all detailed by Valentia. So, you must come to the exhibit, by March 25 to see the fabulous sketches and the entire exhibit. Danni also chose to illustrate the dress designed by Ben Reig. Her background shows her elegant fingers pointing to Chinese Lanterns and classic Cloud symbols, as well as stylized Asian flowers. One of her fingers touches the hem of the dress. The dress is moving as if the model is walking by. She has added a fancy evening bag, too. All of the illustrations show great attention to detail, the power of advertising and how Valentina and Danni put so much of themselves into the 'picture'. They brought two classic black dresses to life and showed them to be forever in style. Our Fashion Students know great design and how to draw it and wear it. We look forward to seeing more of them and more exhibits and events at Hudson's Bay Vancouver Downtown. I made a reel of our day together on my instagram. Special thanks to Luis Gomez, Associate Manager The Bay, 2nd floor, who welcomed us and also spoke Spanish with us. Languages and Design Vision, all!

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Formal black jacket for this occasion. Dragon Fly necklace by @carolynbruce

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