Friday, April 15, 2022

Blanche Macdonald Centre - A Hairdressing School Visit and Two Fashion Shows at VFW, April 7, 2022

 I have written about Blanche Macdonald Centre Students at Vancouver Fashion Week, many times: Evan Clayton, Alex S. Yu  and Jason Siu, Fashion Grads, come to mind, instantly. When I attended IFWT, (Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto), I saw Denise Brillon's vibrant collection, dedicated to her aunt, Blanche Macdonald, here.

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, another Blanche Grad, Dianna Drahanchuk visited the Hair Salon, downtown, and got her hair ready for Vancouver Fashion Week, opening night. Her hair was cut and styled expertly by Student Stylist, Kristi Pham and checked carefully by Supervisor/Instructor, Van Tun. Director of the Hair Program, Phil Loiselle, told me that Blanche Students/Staff are just the best and judging from those I met and from Dianna's beautiful hair, I believe him.

This season, Vancouver Fashion Week, two Blanche Macdonald Fashion Students sent their collections down the runway. BAD DNA, and Shivajothi,(Sujitha Shivajothi,) are to be congratulated for their stunning work. Here are the photos that show their confidence and statement making looks.

Every time I walk by Blanche Macdonald Centre, I will be reminded that excellence lives here! 

Blanche and VCC Instructor Lisa Gellert 
Peggy Morrison Executive Program Director, Blanche MacDonald, 
Sarah Murray, Fashion Program Coordinator and Continuing Studies Marketing Liaison, VCC
and Me

Student Kristi Pham,Dianna Drahanchuk, Instructor Van Tun

Bad DNA 

Sujitha Shivajothi

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