Sunday, April 19, 2020

Book Review: Notes On A Missing G-String by Local Author, Winona Kent

Written by Treasure Seeker Colleen

One of the greatest things about the Noir Crime Writers' Read and Share Event is that you go to the Shebeen Whiskey House, snug in the back of the Irish Heather in Gastown, and hear local crime writers read from their latest. You can meet them, buy a book, get it signed, drink Whiskey or a Caesar and have a delicious dinner or snack. The brick wall and metal staircase in the lane, make for great photo ops, fedoras (or not). Last time, I took friend and writer, Marilyn R. Wilson (Life Outside the Box, The Wisdom of Listening, Blog Olio by Marilyn) to chat with other writers about these and future plots and projects. I sat next to Winona Kent and drawn to the bright orange cover of her latest, "Notes On A Missing G-String", I decided to open it, up and find out how notes became notes about mystery, music and pole dancing. Published in 2019 by Blue Devil Books. this is her 8th novel and she has written a novella and many short stories and articles, as well.

This is the second novel featuring musician and amateur sleuth, Jason Davey. I like him because he is British, plays a Fender Guitar, (actually super hero like: multi-instrumentalist, song arranger and writer) speaks French and has an ear for accents and languages, knows his teas, cooks and eats (does smoke but may quit) has a good heart, is loyal, knows fashion and looks the part, endures a lot of physical punishment but recovers quickly, (a case of the flu might not put him out of action) likes and is liked, (except by the bad ones) has a son in university and an older daughter, Jennifer, who has recently appeared and introduced herself. She, too, is a creative: a photographer and an adventurer. There are women in his life: his ex and the mother of the daughter he has just met, his current partner, Katie, Gracie, the 14 year old daughter of a band mate, a girl who has disappeared and must be found. Then there are the pole dancers and 'entertainers' who are attracted to his good looks and potential to solve problems with crime bosses, kidnappers, murderers ….

This novel has many storylines and the crimes are imaginative and seemingly unsolvable. But Jason, with his likeable combination of methodical note-taking, common sense, athletic abilities, solid partners, family, friends and helpful connections, (I like the Greek Lawyer) manages even without a cape, to fire walk (literally) through multiple challenges and as dastardly Braskey says: " engineer a clever distraction."

28 Chapters, intricate plotting, fast moving, music history (60's), human yet super human hero, food, fashion and fun, what else is needed? I hope to see more of Jason Davey. Would love to see a super female partner, so more from his partner or daughter? Very British in the many word plays, Soho District descriptions, and food. Yes, food. Never fun to be in a place or read about one where it rains all the time or where everyone only drinks coffee and smokes. Sustenance, eye candy, accents, intrigue, music, photography and even jewellery. All here, and a great read, especially during a very isolated time.

Thanks, Winona Kent.

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