Sunday, November 25, 2018

Blanche Macdonald Cherry Bomb - Graduate Fashion Design Show

Written by Dianna Drahanchuk

Gender fluid fashions, both on and off the runway, were at the forefront of Blanche Macdonald’s “Cherry Bomb” November 21, 2018 graduate fashion student show. The audience never got bored or tired as the 23 designers showed the 49 outfits in this tightly run presentation, complete with a much-appreciated printed program.

Lyn Katey and I, both of us happen to be ex-Blanche students, were awed at the fun and imagination on display. I talked with Blanche Macdonald Executive Program Directors Peggy Morrison, on staff since 1972, who was truly impressed at how the students upped their creativity for this show and to Donna Baldock who was heartened to see the inclusion of style inspired by fashion history, one of her passions, as shown in Bebeth Cohen’s ultra-lacey evening dress.

Bags abounded and straps flowed throughout and there were lots of inventive texture and color combinations.  Some styles were outdoors sporty with an edge, others like the teddy bear outfits by Peter Zuk were pure fantasy. Hair clips and dark lips enhanced rather than detracted from the captivating runway. Student talents were further accentuated in their very professional looking portfolios.

As I spoke to its founder and producer of a local annual major fundraising fashion show, I wondered whose designs we might see on the catwalk of one of next year’s show because he was searching for potential participants. I’ve been to one of his shows for which it appears that he prefers “far out” fashion and it seems to me he had quite a lot to choose from at Blanche Macdonald.

From left to right: Lesley Senkow, Savana Sheardown, Peter Zuk
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

From left to right: Jerome Mendoza & Bebeth Cohen
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

From left to right: Hannah May, Alice Colojacomo, Aaron Pharness
Photo credit: Peter Jensen

Photo credit for photos to follow: Dianna Drahanchuk

Aaron Pharness (left) - Orange cotton twill jacket worn with distressed cotton twill shorts and tencel hood
Maria Digaoan (right) - Black mesh turtleneck worn with red paper bag dress and sleeping bag bustle

Vanessa Romman (left) - Linen shirt dress worn with panelled trench coat
Marco Bruni (right) - Black patent leather vest worn with waxed twill cutout trouser and patent leather backpack

Catherine He (left) - Microsuede bell bottoms worn with marabou feather tank top and oversized faux fur hooded jacket
Lesley Senkow (right) - Brocade paper bag trouser and bubble coat worn with lantern sleeve cropped satin shirt

Connor Klaassen (left) - Black cotton button front shirt worn with deconstructed gauze tee shirt, high waisted wool trouser and oversized vinyl shopper
Cheryl Hou (right) - Cropped patchwork overall with bag details worn with space cotton cropped top

Peter Zuk (left) - Heart print bodysuit worn with PVC teddy bear shirt, top and mask
Jeremy Molina (right) - Oversized denim jacket and cropped trouser with grommet and reflective rope details

Austin Playfair (left) - Snapback hand-painted trousers worn with grommet top and leather robe
Jerome Mendoza (right) - Pink herringbone jogging suit with earl tassels and bucket hat

Nicholas Lafreniere (left) - Wool Frankenstein coat worn with cropped trousers and rib knit turtleneck
Bebeth Cohen (right) - Dusty rose, lace robe with ribbon details

 Interesting shoes worn by someone in the audience

 Peggy Morrison, Executive Program Director Blanche MacDonald

Lynn and Dianna

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