Friday, April 20, 2018

A Special Report From Vancouver Kids' Fashion Week, March 2018

Written by Maeve Downing

I’m Maeve Downing and I’m here to talk to you about Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (VKFW). This is my second article for Clothes Line Finds, read my first hereVKFW was held at the Chinese Cultural Centre on Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25, 2018.

I was backstage being a model. I got there at 8:30am, sat down and waited. Eventually I went up for hair and makeup. They left my hair down and put some flowers in it. They also gave me some shiny eye shadow. It was amazing to get my makeup done because it was relaxing and I think it looked cool. Then I got my dress on. I wore a MillionBillion floral print dress with cuts in the sleeve. I felt great in it. After I got it on, the designer picked the shoes she wanted me to wear. I got to wear my navy high heels! I waited a bit more until finally it was my turn on the catwalk. When I got on the runway, I felt happy with all the lights shining on me and the cameras snapping pictures.

One of the brands I modeled for La Movida, a Vancouver sewing school, participated in VKFW because the owner Laurie Allan-Franks thought her student’s work was amazing and deserved to be shown. I did VKFW because I love modeling and fashion. My friend Nicole who also modeled for La Movida feels the same. I do not know about other kids though. I have a feeling fashion isn’t that important to them. That might change if they went to the shows and got to see fun and colourful collections like The Simpsons.

If you haven’t been to VKFW yet, you should attend next season. It’s a great place to learn about new
kid’s brands and to see cute little kids on the runway. I’ll be there, hopefully you will be too.

Photo by Simon Armstrong
Million Billion

Photo by Simon Armstrong
La Movida

Maeve (left) and Nicole (right)
Photo by Bang Jo

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