Monday, October 2, 2017

An insider view of Vancouver Kids Fashion Week by Maeve Downing

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Written by Maeve Downing

My name is Maeve Downing, I’m 8 years old, and I’m going to share my perspective on Vancouver Kids Fashion Week. I had the chance to attend the event on September 23 as both a model and a member of the audience.

Backstage was busy, very busy. There were ballerinas, ball gowns, casual clothes, plain clothes and some high heels. I went upstairs to get my hair and make up done. The hair room is amazing. The woman who did my hair was awesome! Her and her friend were musical because they sang the whole time they were doing my hair.

When the fashion show started I was very excited. I modelled a dress by Cabriollle. It was a party dress that was over the top with ruffles and sparkles. It was a fun time; the cameras were flashing, and eventually my pictures made it onto Instagram which was so cool!

After that, I joined the audience to watch Hugland. The collection was crazy and cozy because it was wool, puffy and colourful. Next up was Plaid and Paisley. It was nice and wearable, and I really liked their dresses. 

Overall, Vancouver Kids Fashion Week was amazing. If you didn’t go this time, be sure to catch it next season! 

Maeve Writing

Sarah and Maeve

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