Tuesday, December 2, 2014

VALT 2014 Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week

This was my first time at VALT and I highly recommend it! The theme was Vicissitudes: revolution, evolution, revelation and it was certainly all of those. Held at the Maritime Labour Centre, this was an event packed evening, one of 3, plus another evening of mix and mingle and introductions. In the first three hours of the Evolution night, I had a chance to meet the organizers, get lots of photos and see six runway shows, a film, "With You" by Shayne Zwickel, an extensive art exhibit, and hear music by The Written Years and Yuca. Very friendly and efficient hosts, thoughtful photographers (no flashes in your face) creative, dynamic artists, designers, models and performers and, as usual, lots of familiar faces from Vancouver's vibrant fashion scene. Thanks to Kat Ferneyhough, VALT Co-Founder and Creative Director for making this experience a great one!  Read more at Valt.ca.

The following are just a fraction of all that I saw during the evening.  Performance by Bizarnival and Fashion by Atlas, Nocturnus Couture, Zollection, Dixon, Carolyn Bruce Designs, Protagonist Menswear and Shiverz Designs, really showed the fit, form and function of great construction. These are clothes that move, and also those that the eye must follow! No mannequins here and no outfits hanging idly, marked 'for display only'.

There were many sponsors to make this 3 night extravaganza possible. Maritime murals were a fine background for the art exhibit.  Loved Kat's dress and fantasy shoe/boots. Then, there was a certain Marilyn's tattoo top. (Lovely to think of all the tattoos you could have and none of them permanent.)  Once again, VALT is an action filled event to add to your fashion and style agenda.

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