Thursday, September 20, 2012

SPEND ON TREND-Celebrating Independent Design - Sept 14-16

Thanks to Nicole for always keeping me posted about this fabulous local designers' event.  The Heritage Hall on Main provides a great display and meeting space and there are line-ups of customers/fans waiting to get started each day.  Started in 2004, this show features established designers as well as newcomers.  This time, I was showing Jocelyn, a Fashion Design student from Kwantlan, all about blogging an event, meeting designers and taking pictures.  Additionally, I was introducing friend, Lynn who was also helping and buying from Spend on Trend, for the first time.

I'm going to introduce in order, the designers I visited.

The Heritage Hall at 15th and Main, in Vancouver, sets the tone for history, culture and community, all of which are echoed in the clothing, accessories, photography and additional creations featured in every "Spend on Trend" show.  It's an elegant space both for display and meet ups.  The first tables to catch my eye are those by Irit Sorokin  Her fabulous and exotic larger necklaces and bracelets are stunning!  She has new pieces every time and delights in telling the stories of where in the world her inspiration comes from.  Jocelyn (Kwantlan Fashion Design student) and Joahnna  show off  gorgeous, jewel toned leather bags that we all need for our year round wardrobes.  Magda models comfortable and unique dresses and accessories.  These young and vibrant, easy care dresses are colorful and fit well.  Loved the no panty line undies and fabulous bathing suits by Lexi Sourkoreff@DaubDesign.  Each piece is totally individual so that if you buy a color, every design will be different.  Earrings, I always wear them and need each pair by Paul Gonzales

Meeting Melissa Ferreira adhesifclothing com, is very special.  She has a calm, quiet way of inviting you to take time to look at her collection and how it's made and how it will fit into your world.  Loved the lined vests and jewelry, in particular.  I bought an octopus necklace with a ship's wheel that symbolizes my love of all things Greek and an avid interest in travel. Am very drawn to the delicate silver jewelry by Filou  The jewelry is always displayed on pieces of driftwood, shells, and branches and is designed around Canadian animals and symbols.  Cory Judge, owner and designer of glass and textile fusion Accessories, designs gorgeous leather bracelets that my friend, Lynn purchased.  No doubt, she will be wearing them to our jewelry class at SFU downtown.  Look for more intricate designs at  Love the leathers at - look for " handmade leather bags and accessories using antique and vintage hardware and wherever possible, reclaimed leather."

A new company and great presentation this year, is from Naked Threat that makes tailored clothing starting at $39 and includes accessories, shirts, pants and suits.  Modelled by a fit looking group of guys, the shirts would be perfect for men or women.  I like the idea that a runway shirt could be made to fit any size.  I encouraged them to think about presenting at VFW and Eco Fashion Week so we can buy locally made and look fabulous!

Thanks again, Nicole Stewart and to all of the designers at "Spend on Trend"!  A lot of work went into promoting this event, with contests, goody bags and friendly people.  I have a new reusable bag courtesy of YELP and lovely pens and other surprises.  Enjoyed the chocolate mini cakes and the candies too.  Delightful!


Filou Designs said...

Thank you for the lovely mention :)

Filou Designs said...

Thank you for the lovely mention :)

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