Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Corsage Project - A Fun Filled Saturday!

Written by Colleen and Anthea Tsoukalas  

 Katharine Chen helping with the fitting rooms!

This is the twelfth year for The Corsage Project and we were lucky enough to be invited to experience the excitement of this day as well as to write about it.  Generous sponsors and tireless volunteers put together a special day and all of the dresses and accessories that ensure that 275 grade 12 girls do have the opportunity to look and feel their best for their prom/ceremony.  They have a personal shopper/stylist, make-up and lots of choices that empower them and celebrate their achievements.
Rebecca Lucas and Joanne Sallay as well as many volunteers opened the morning event by talking about the Project and thanking everyone for their generous donations of time, expertise, and the beautiful new dresses, (in all sizes)shoes, shawls, fascinators, purses, jewelry as well as the huge, well organized space to shop and try things comfortably.  There was no rush except by the girls, themselves to find just that perfect dress.  The personal shoppers/stylists were
enthusiastic and very helpful but it was the girls who made their own decisions.  I was impressed that at each accessories station, the volunteers were efficient and spot on about the selections they pointed out, but again, it was the girls who chose.  There were so many smiles, lots of giggles and such transformations!  The girls became proud and accomplished young women, even if they were wearing sneakers and boots under their ball gowns,  and the volunteers, well what a fun and heart warming way to give back to community.
We followed Eileen Lui and her Personal Shopper, M. Martins, (Jolene Canada, Sponsor) as they made their way from purple, green and finally to a beautiful Holt Renfrew satiny, floor length magenta dream.  Lots of chatting with friend Anna Yuan, in purple, and then off to find the highest black heels, black shawl, silver necklace and bracelet and white satin evening bag.  Her first picture shows a slightly hesitant girl, worried about how to pose, whereas the last picture we took, shows a regal, confident young woman, ready for her make up and for that walk across the stage and first dance.

 Sarah Charuk and Sarah Tuite

Treasure Seeker Colleen!

A large array of jewelery to choose from!


 Eileen Liu starts off in purple! Gorgeous!

 Lorraine Green (Volunteer)

 Maura Martins (Jolene Canada) and Eileen Liu

 Playing with dresses! 

Kim Roth Dressing Room Coordination

 Onto shoes after choosing a Holt Renfrew dress!

 Le Chateau shawl and handbag expert!

Make-up time!

 Pretty in Pink! Mihaela Boubatrin and
Lindsay Watt and Meredith Sinclair 

Final look! Beautiful!

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Cammila said...

I'm really impressed that H&M is making such serious strides toward sustainability. I used to call them the makers of "disposable clothes." It's really awesome to see them growing as a brand and a responsible business.

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