Wednesday, April 25, 2012

H&M Gets Stylestruck in Vancouver

Written by Treasure Seeker Colleen (Colleen Tsoukalas)

On Thursday April 19th, 2012 I attended an exciting celebration of "The Conscious Collection" the result of a great partnership between Olivia Lovenmark, stylist, businesswoman and blogger, and H and M.
The very dynamic Pacific Center store has gorgeous windows and always eye-catching displays.  Fabulous smoothies and appies were supplied by Opus Catering and kept us refreshed and energized for an evening of meeting Olivia and her favorite choices of clothing and accessories as well as connecting with fellow bloggers and shoppers.  Special, reusable shopping bags (H and M) were provided for our finds and then collected after final sales.  These are metallic, silvery and transparent bags that I would buy if they were for sale.  Loved the brilliant greens, oranges, pinks, reds, purples - vibrant rainbow colours and patterns.  Short skirts, skinny pants, fitted jackets, trenches, big jewelry, hats, all very eco friendly and a startling reminder that Spring is just around the corner.  The store was packed with writers and stylists also seen at Vancouver Fashion and Eco Fashion Weeks.  Olivia and H and M styled it up and we should be on our way to excellent fashion ratings!

 Love the heels!

 Snakeskin and brights!

 Bill Cunningham would like these Colleen!

 Love this stylish pair!

 More spring brights!


Roxana said...

Very nice post about the H&M event. And thanks for the picture.

Ruth said...

We love the bright greens, coral and cobalt colours! We hope you bought something that night:)

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