Sunday, February 9, 2020

Victoria Fashion Splash! The Adventures Continue

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Writing and photos by Colleen Tsoukalas and Dianna Drahanchuk

On Saturday, February 8, we went to Victoria for a Designer/Model/ Photo Shoot. It was magic how so many people could fit into one small suite and get so much accomplished in a couple of hours. Erin Bradley, Coordinator of all Shoots, Hair and Make-Up and the final show Line-Up could surely tell us more about that magic. Models, (Coultish Model) rushed in, said hello, dressed from the rack, and stepped right into the scene for photos. Hunt and Gather, also a sponsor, removed clips and did quick touch ups. Local Make-Up Artists added glow. There was a lot of conversation, music and doors opening and closing. But the Photographer, Juliana Midmore was so focused, especially for the group poses. For them, the room went silent. We could see the magazine cover! Such a quick visit into stories of recent shoots all over the world and challenging of printing her own fabrics, upcycling and recycling and creating for Splash! A key question from the Photographer: Is everybody happy? If not, now is the time to tell me. So many careful, thoughtful adjustments as she went along, that this was the grand finale and people clapped and came together with a cheer. What a team! Can't wait for next steps! Dianna Drahanchuk, with her love of Fashion and Victoria, has been instrumental in getting us involved in SPLASH. She actually brought a chart with her and recorded labels and names as she took her photographs. She is on stage with Joseph Gonyeau, Producer, Nomad Markets and Events and Sarah Hack, Auction Coordinator Co-Chair. Dianna's photos are labelled and mine follow. Learning as I go. What a magnificent team! #fashionsplashyyi #fashionshowvictoria #fashionphotography

Photgrapher Juliana Widmore 

Joseph Gonyeau (Producer) and Sarah Hack (Auction Coordinator Co-Chair)


Maria Makarenko in Connaly McDougal, Diane Gladman (Model), 
and Nicolette Makeup Artist 

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