Sunday, March 3, 2019

Designing and Illustrating at John Casablancas Institute and VFW

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Written by Treasure Seeker Colleen

After seeing the JCI (John Casablancas Institute) Grad Fashion Show in January, I reached out to instructor Melanie Kroeker McIntosh to interview some of their talented illustrators and designers. She connected me with illustrator Leah Michaud and designer Soojin Woo. Last week, I spent the morning interviewing them at the iconic Water Street Campus. The brick, the views, and the light, provide an exquisite setting for the best in creative achievement.

Soojin's collection: MUDANG, or Infinite Possibilities, will debute at Vancouver Fashion Week, March 20th. This is, as she calls it, an Industrial Rock combination of Western and Korean Cultures, an eight piece, gender neutral collection for women and men. She makes her own patterns and has done so since she was a child. She graduated from a four year Fashion program in Korea and brings with her, expertise in construction, love of jewel tones: red, yellow, and blue and delight in the spooky and mysterious. She has made a gorgeous, short video about her design concepts on her website here

Leah Michaud, currently in the JCI Fashion, Business and Creative Arts Program, is in Vancouver from Calgary and has always been interested in Art. When I asked her what her dream was, she replied, "Only one? I have many." She does live illustrations at the Airport, so I am thinking about commissioning one as I head out for Palm Springs Fashion Week. Also thinking about new business cards. Perhaps my favourite historical character??? Leah will be doing illustrations of Soojin's collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. You can imagine the detail, the focus, the very essence of that leather, or that silk as it floats down the red carpet. That pen, that paper, that eye! Can't wait to post next steps.

Soojin's Work

Leah's Work

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