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Canada Vancouver International Fashion Festival - IPop Canada April 14, 2018

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Written by Colleen Tsoukalas
Photos by Dianna Drahanchuk and Colleen Tsoukalas

This is the second IPop Canada ( fashion event that I have enjoyed very much. I wrote the first one up, here.

David Chen, VP of IPop Canada and Founder and Producer of this show here, and Ron Patterson, President of IPop Canada, plan two shows, per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. They want to promote international talent in design and performance. Both shows that I have seen, have featured fashion from around the world, dance, magic, music and much more. Designers and performers evidence confidence, poise, enthusiasm and well rehearsed runway modelling and true showcasing of talents. David partnered with The Canadian Cancer Society in fundraising at this event. (Entitled, "The Power of Love", this show was all about connecting with the audience and bringing them in to a place of empowerment, ability, creativity, sharing and the Art of style, ballet, tap and dance in shoes and slippers, on skates (Lana Shahar of Roller Dance Owl) and in wheelchairs. Loved Olesya Kornienko, President of Wheelchair Dance/Sport Association Canada and Ballroom Dance with Cerebral Palsy and her soulful solo performance.

Harman Maddhar's gorgeous song: "If Ever I Fall", further celebrated talent and inclusion.

VCAD grads showed on-trend shorts, beneath, gauzy skirts, long and short, polka dots and pops of orange, silver and gold as well as jewel toned blue and green combinations. Daring and different!

Sara Ceno's coats were leather, fitted and embellished. One of a kind and wearable into Spring.

Elegant wedding party gowns and outfits for all ages, were beautifully made and modelled by ROYVL Imaging Academy.

U-Fashion also showed gauzy and fanciful outfits.

Sweetlegs leggings were a total hit, perfect for sports or streetwear.

It was an outstanding evening, and I thank David Chen, Iryna Getman and Tabassum Chagani for their hard work and organization. Performers, Designers, Production Crew and Volunteers, congratulations all! Kudos to Coordinators: Nahla Hopfe, Gu Lina, Tandle Huang, Chiemi Fuse,Tai Jiang!

David Chen and Vivian Chen, Emcee

A big thanks from Dianna, Keiko, Carolyn, and Nahla

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