Friday, February 23, 2018

African Fashion And Arts Movement Vancouver, February 3, 2018

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Held at the Pal Studio Theatre, 8th Floor 581 Cardero, Vancouver, this dynamic AFWV first event was sold out almost the minute the invitation appeared on Facebook! Knowing that Keiko Boxall was in on the runway show, and anticipating a riot of color, dance and music, I dressed in my favorite oranges and blues and joined a long line up of excited first timers. The event was produced by Yao Zeus Mohammed and video production and media by David Markwei, this evening was a delight. Experienced Canadian and American designers: Mawogan, Lilian O'Brian, (earlier interviewed on CBC) Kesseke Yeo, Naa Sheka Fashion, Luchrist Modern African Fashion, Afrodite Creative, Caveman Clothing, Red Soil, Dr. Pearlz Clothing, and je je love sent out collection after collection for women and men, for all occasions. We wanted to buy those one of a kinds, then and there.

Photos include Keiko and me, two Makeup Artists, Feven G-yesus and Brooklyn Harnish, who no doubt will be at Vancouver Fashion Week, and Patti DeSante, Buddhist Chaplain, writer, world traveller, community developer and fashion enthusiast who took 21 designs from 5 fashion designers from Malawi to Perth, for Perth's first ECO Fashion Week. See more at EFW Australia. She curated Malawi Maloto this year, presenting at Perth and at African Fashion and Arts Movement, Vancouver. Samba Kunsi and Lauretta Mtike are in the photos.

The African Fashion and Arts Movement, shows clothing as works of wearable Art. The models are animated, showing traditional and modern design as well as culture, history, geography, and all that is reflected in what we wear.

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