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International Textiles And Apparel Association Conference - November 2016

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Held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, November 8-11, this international conference brought universities from Canada, the USA and all over the world to a symposium: Blending Cultures. There were lectures, workshops, book displays, university program representatives, scholarships and awards, a silent auction of amazing textiles, crafts, clothing, and other treasures, open to bids not only from conference attendees but also members of the public who just happened to hear about this event or be at the hotel and notice the buzz of excitement. I bought a beautiful silk scarf, one of many being sold for $5 to raise money for scholarships. Professor Joan Ellis, Washington State U., who organized the conference, directed me to a huge room full of the most gorgeous creations: dresses, jackets, shoes, necklaces: a wonderland of color, design, fabric, sculptures. You can see the entire collection at 2016 International Textile and Apparel Association Conference. My favorites are below!

Textiles and design fascinate me so I got myself on the mailing list. Wherever the next one is, I want to be there. Travel with a purpose!

Joan Ellis (Washington State University) and I

This is a mix of digital textile prints and laser cut patterns, representing Tiffany stained glass and the light reflected from it. (You can see how I am attracted to color and print from what I am wearing)

Digital Printing and Laser Cutting to explore depths with a dress. A Garden gate was laser cut and placed on digitally printed floral petal prints.

If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It by Rachel Anderson, Texas Tech. U. USA
Chinese adoption of French Baroque influence and France of Chinese influence on 18th C. Art
Old World Textiles become modern

Harmonious Co-Existence by Jinkyoung Lee, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
Hand knitting, leather, layered, represent the layering and harmonious sharing of roots in forests of trees, flowers, mushrooms.

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