Sunday, December 11, 2016

NEON DREAMS 2016 Blanche Macdonald Annual Grad FashionShow

We all stood to celebrate the outstanding achievements of this Blanche Macdonald Grad class! The title of their show, Neon Dreams, hinted at bright colors and wild imaginations and the collections were ample evidence of that. The iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's grand staircase, provided an elegant entry to the elevated runway. This was a night for dreams realized. Here is the show on Instagram:

Blanche Macdonald Grad show models always have the best hair and make-up, likely because these programs are also offered at the school, and there is great collaboration between them. In addition, no show would ever go on unless it was red carpet ready.

Neon Dreams features design for the movies, for grand galas, for the seasons, for the star and for anyone who wants a chic wardrobe. Paris, New York, Vancouver, it is all there. Such construction and styling expertise. Lotto Max is coming up tonight and then, the collection is mine!

I am listing all of the Grads because their achievements are extraordinary. My favourite action/drama shots are here, but each outfit is commendable. Congrats: Spencer Criddle, Andromeda Nelson, Eden Chan, Haley Oh, Mandy Wu, Jantay Kahm, Julian Leclerc, Marcus Quan, Phebe Menard, Gala Peters, Victoria San Gabriel, Ashley Christian, Sheila Yang, Jordyn Heck, Lukas Daase, Isabelle Stewart, Kennedy Felt, Josephine Mante, Caitlyn Sio, Graham Hood, Natalia Pavanelli, Maryam Asgari, Ninon Parent, Iman Hassan, Kirsten Ley. Your names in our stores, please!

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