Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rome Day 1: Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Monumento Nazionale and More!

Hope you all are doing well! I've adjusted well to the time change and am writing this from a beautiful villa in Montevarchi, Tuscany. The weather hasn't been great and they are calling for more storms, but it's fantastic to be away and experiencing a new adventure nonetheless!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day wandering through Rome, eating amazing food and viewing all of the beautiful historical sites. I found the winding streets dizzying, but managed to enjoy the day and appreciate a new city. I shared some of my Instagram photos as collages on my Facebook page (like to follow my adventures!), but here are some of the photos I took with my Pentax SLR. 

One of the most frustrating things about Rome is that there are so many archaeological sites and they are not well marked! I learned that you can import images into google and for the most part, figure out what things are. Have you been to Rome? What was your most memorable moment?

Trusty Ann Taylor jacket
Vintage belt
H and M skinnies
MEC Backpack 
Didn't bring shampoo and the water is different here.
Going to have wild hair in Italy - I've come to terms with it :)

Fountains and people everywhere!

Excavated archaeological sites seem to be everywhere!

The Altare della Patria Monument also known as Monumento Nazionale a Vitorio Emanuele II
Built in honor of Victor Emmanuel, first king of unified Italy

Mixed buildings everywhere!

Winding alleys with mysterious shops and cafes

I always find myself wondering how many people have walked these streets

 Santa Maria della Pace
Built on the foundations of the pre-existing church of Sant'Andrea de Aquarizriis in 1482
Commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV

Reminded me of Japan 

 Mysterious cafes

 Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi - Fountain of the Four Rivers
Located in Piazza Pamphili

The highlight of my day - The Pantheon
Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus as a temple
to all the gods of ancient Rome.
Later rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in 126 AD

 Pantheon ceiling

 More Pantheon

Trevi Fountain
Located in the Trevi district in Rome
26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide 
It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the
most famous fountains in the world!

Supreme Court of Cassation


Karen said...

Wow!, now I really can't wait to go to Italy, can't wait to see some more pics!

Cammila said...

These pictures are SO alive with texture, I feel like I'm there! The shot with the seagull is particularly amazing. :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Seems like May is a touchy month weather-wise for a lot of places. I always imagined Tuscany as a sunny place, so how surprising that it stormed for you. Great pictures though. The place still looks beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm sure I'll visit some day.

When you get a chance, please take a look at my beauty and skin care blog, or drop by my blog about Casual Chic Fashion. Have a great day!

Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love Rome. Visiting the Vatican and buying some kitsch rosaries from the stalls around it was good.

I love that Japanese-style dress.

Fashion Tidbits said...

I'm in Australa but I wish I was! Hehe

Unknown said...

Oh I so wish to go to Rome! I use to study classical civilization and have always wanted to go.

Sarah x

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