Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sneak Peek at EWMA (ATIRA) Runway Coming Right Up At Vancouver Fashion Week (Oct 17-22, 2023)

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) in EWMA Studio at 800 E. Hastings, have always done a statement making walk at Vancouver Fashion Week, and they have been working hard since last season to get ready for this one: Oct 17-22, 2023. EWMA (Atira) will be walking on Day 3, Thurs. Oct. 19th at 5:00. I have been watching, inspired, for a long time and you can find out more about EWMA on Facebook and on Instagram. By the way, if you are looking for that one of a kind outfit and stand out accessories, you can find them at the store/studio.

Today, I went thrifting at Wildlife Thrift Store with Artist/Designer Sandi Bassett, who reminds me that much of EWMA's  fabrics are thrifted, recycled and upcycled. Vancouver Business: FABCYCLE has generously provided a fabric credit for EWMA and this time, Erin G, the Studio and Inventory Manager, will be designing and Irina McKenzie will be there for the show! The EWMA runway has established and new designers/makers as well as experienced models, like Erin Leigh and some new to modelling. The opportunity to create and walk the outfit is extraordinary. Designing, marketing, modelling, interviewing, writing and more are great ways to develop and enhance a range of careers. I asked Sandi a few questions as we shopped. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to this season?

S) I look forward to our strong line, a result of ongoing planning and collaboration. I am always so impressed to see our ideas as one complete vision.

Q: What is the theme and colour palette, this time?

S) Our theme: Art is Fashion and Fashion is Art.  We have a monochromatic scheme. Hint: not pink

Q: How about accessories?

S) You have all seen the fabulous ceramic necklaces, corsets and more by Laurie Bricker and yes, those will definitely be larger and even more layered. And there are new Artists making jewelry and headpieces. And what might these be? You know you will wish you were wearing them when you see them. Hint: no mini barrettes or tiny pieces.

Q: What about photos? 

S) Photos are great memories and records of EWMA's creative talents and achievements. We have had many great photographers like Elizabeth Lim, and Yvonne Hanson as well as many VFW Photographers, who cover all of the week's shows. Whether on the runway or in the after show, audience meet and greets, the looks we have designed will always be one of a kind and statement making.

Q: More?

S) Looking forward to getting my look together and to seeing what others put so much time and effort into organizing. Hint: no pink, no bejewelled hat, but there will be something different each night that I attend. Looking forward to the stars Oct 17-22.

See previous post about Sandi and her work with EWMA.

Thanks to EVERYONE for being part of this dynamic, creative, eco, community! And, to Vancouver Fashion Week, for the red carpet platform.

Sandi Bassett, Artist

EWMA Runway sneak peek

EWMA Runway sneak peek

FABCYCLE's Irina McKenzie, (Founder of FABCYCLE) and Erin Gravelle

FABCYCLE' Runway Seat Peak

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