Sunday, May 16, 2021

An Interview With Celeste Sudermann, VCC Fashion Design Grad, Ever Onward

I heard Celeste, interviewed on CBC and was impressed by how well she represented Fashion Design at VCC. Then, as I watched the fine video, Let There be Fashion, I saw more of her and her collection: Still Sideways. Always a great volunteer and role model, she answered my questions here:

1)What would you wear to Vancouver Fashion Week? Why dress for events?

I haven't shopped for clothing much, over the past few years, so my wardrobe has been pretty simple, but if I am dressing up, I will add more rings and bracelets. I would likely wear a black fitted top, v neck, loose pants with pockets, combat boots and lots of accessories. People can wear whatever they want to live events, but it is fun to add a little "extra" for something special.

2)Where are you from and does that inform your style?

I currently live in Vancouver, but grew up in Cloverdale and Sarnia, Ontario. My style is more based on what I am doing (working, going to school, learning about pattern and design). I am drawn to thrift stores because I like to wear things that resonate with my life. I start with basics and build. 

3)What are your thoughts about making a Fashion Video versus a live show? 

A Fashion Video is a great alternative, since live shows are not happening right now. I love that our program, Fashion Design, collaborated with the VCC Digital Media Program. They did an awesome job of putting everything together, showcasing our work in such a creative way.

4)Tell us about your CBC Interview, highlighting the VCC Fashion Design Program.

I was excited when we were given the opportunity to be part of the CBC Interview. It was my first time being on the radio. I was nervous but it was really fun. (Note that Celeste was articulate and enthusiastic in her support for VCC and for Fashion Design.) As she says," it was 8 years from the time I graduated high school until I entered the VCC program. I learned the importance of volunteering as a form of giving back."

5)What has inspired you to move forward, especially during this time?

My family and close friends and accomplishing my goals, keep me going. The goals have been a driving force: to keep exploring new things and achieving that which seems unattainable. I am also inspired by being in the woods, near water and in the mountains.

Next steps include practicums and work in the industry, to expand my skill set. I will continue my own projects, creating, creating, creating! 

Thank you, Celeste for volunteering for this interview! We love to know more about the future of Fashion! Thanks, too, to Sarah Murray for her ongoing enthusiasm for Fashion, Fashion Programs, Emerging Designers and those who want to write about them. 

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