Monday, May 11, 2020

HFT High Fashion Twitter and the #HFTMetGala2020

Who would ever get an invite to the Met Gala, NYC? Who would ever imagine that any gala would be held during COVID 19? A group of 10 young women, (ages 15-22 from 7 countries) led by Aria Olson founder of HFTMetGala organized a twitter gala, to start May 4th and the force was really with them! Kudos to them for tweeting responses to submissions and comments. How did they manage? One opened her twitter to find 4,000 tweets! Sara Li, their official press correspondent, said, "long live all the magic we made.In an article she wrote for Fashionista, "The Power and Politics of High Fashion Twitter, Apr. 8, 2020, she talks about HFT being a space for " speaking about fashion, with a focus on representation, sustainability and accountability..." and there is ample evidence for all of these in the submissions I so enjoyed.

Originally, there were 4 categories for your creative expression: PhotoSet Creation, Brand Challenge, Illustration and Wardrobe Challenge and a fifth, one that I would definitely try, next year: Open Creativity. So the invitation was open to all and there were no judges, ratings, or red carpet, although Twitter was a continuous room of photos, personalities, designers, artists, eco and cultural statements, just a colourful explosion of creativity. The responses I saw were appreciative, supportive and collaborative. This was definitely a terrific way to see new work and meet new people. Although I have a Twitter account and read and tweet, occasionally, there is a lot to learn. I feel that I only skimmed the surface. I did manage to tweet congratulations to Aria Olson (and her team, and to tweet out my hearts for oh those illustrators, those who shared culture and language, those who styled their own wardrobe looks: including Marilyn R. Wilson, who took fellow Canadian Designers: TildArt1 CarolynBruceDesigns, Sans Soucie, Jac by JC, Art Point, Artist Gustav Klimt, in her look for the event.

In keeping with the theme of Fashion And Duration, based on the book "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf and Philosopher Henri Burgues, there were many references to the past: Victorian, Tudor, Renaissance, Classical, and more, brought into the present and, of course, the future. There were face masks and space masks, masks of all kinds. Corsets for women and men, and gender fluidity, very much a part of history past and present. There were formal looks, normally what you'd wear to a Gala and then there were the sporty, casual looks, fancied up or not that during this time, we might wear to a twitter Gala. Fashion, our wearable Art, our history, endures, expands, retreats, simplifies, exaggerates, and tells our story in the multiple languages, cultures, medias that we are.

So glad to cross off one of the items on my bucket list: To get to the Met Gala! Finally, by invitation and at no cost. I did make a food bank donation though, as this was a support for that. Always fashion for a cause. 

Here are some of my favorite entries from the online gala:

Illustration Expression
She illustrated PRADA-traditional Chinese Garment Qipao 2017

Joenevieva - Illustration inspiration by Elizabethan Period

Wardrobe Styling Challenge

Sydney Smith - Black Panthers wardrobe styling

Manicvalentino - Victorian Era and 60's

Marilyn R. Wilson of Olio by Marilyn

Kristen Handy - Little Women from her own closet, hair, accessories, dress

Gailq - Classical painting (Girl with the Pearl Earring) and Ifugao fabrics hand down from her mother
Stefany - Anne Boleyn meets Carrie Bradshaw, inspired by the 1500's, dark palette and pearls with modern prints and strappy sandals.

Open Creativity
Shostakovich - Pearl hat, mask and eye monocle, inspired by Maison Schiaparelli and Pearls

There were many, many more to look at. Although it was fast, there will be an e look book for those who registered. It was inspiring, new and bright! It was Fashion during COVID 19. It happened this year and I hope we can all go next year. Guess I will have to try TIK TOK, next.
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