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VCAD Illustrators at Vancouver International Fashion Gala, November 22, 2019

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas

This is the second fabulous Fashion Show, produced by David Chen, (IPOPCanada) and directed, this time, by Photographer/Artist, Nina Pak. Assistant Producer/Technical Advisor, Christopher Manansala, VCAD Fashion Design Program Coordinator, Laela Blanchet, Eleni Alexandra Banakas, Key Makeup Artist, Huriye Sefayi, PR. Coordinator, Brodie Marples, MC and Amanda Straith, Key Hairstylist, were the dynamic shapers of this finely executed Renaissance showcase, but there was also huge team of volunteers who assisted the many Designers and Performers to make The Gala, the spectacular event it was. Three VCAD Fashion Design students: Alexandra Avenn, Madison Prangnell and Triptych Taylor, dressed for and drew their impressions of the finest details of a dress, a look, a fabric or a headpiece. Their descriptions of what they saw and their vivid, colourful illustrations provide instant recollections of a magical Renaissance evening in 2019!

Alexandra Avenn says that for her, illustration of Eve Jenkins, Designer and Andrew Flatland, Headpiece Designer, she used her IPAD Pro and a photo as her reference. She is flexible between Digital (photoshop and paintstorm) and traditional watercolour, gouache. She loved the Renaissance Theme for its whimsical, fairy tale esthetic. Eve's design fit perfectly with the theme. Alexandra is in her 4th term at VCAD and loves her pattern making courses.

Madison says for her headshot drawings, she used the headpieces as her inspiration. She loved the garments but feels that the headpieces added an extra dimension.She chose VCAD Designer Chantel Chang, for one illustration and Designer, Eve Jenkins and Headpiece Designer, Andrew Flatland for two additional illustrations. She is just a year into her program and will graduate in 2020. Her favourite classes are Fashion Styling and Product Development. She loved the Gala's venue: The Vancouver Club, for its d├ęcor and architectural details. Madison loved the Renaissance theme: "It could not have come at a better time. We are looking towards a revolution and are building to a "maximalism" in fashion. We are in a day and age where we express who we are regardless of social norms."

Trip's illustration is a marker and pen drawing of a  dress created by VCAD Designer, Chay Clayton. He chose this one because it is similar to a line he hopes to design, later on. The Renaissance theme is one he would like to see even more developed and with more guests dressing in that theme. The venue, The Vancouver Club and the ballroom setting were beautiful. Trip is in year one of VCAD's Fashion Design Program and he loves courses in Fashion Illustration and Pattern Drafting. These 4 Illustrators also illustrated at VFW here

Nina Pak, Producer/Artistic Director of the Gala tells us that since David Chen, Executive Producer, was interested in Dutch Painters of the Renaissance, this became the theme. Fashion, Art, Music, and Performance all played roles throughout the night. Literature, or story is the many posts, blogs, photographs, videos, and yes, illustrations of the Renaissance Gala at The Vancouver Club, decorated in gold and white and such a perfect combination of past and present.

The key feature of the runway modelling was a slower, steady pace (low heeled shoes) enabling media and illustrators to see the designs from all angles. Models were human, designs stunning and gone was that dreaded robotic progression, in one straight line, usually too fast and too much the same. As you can see from the Illustrators' drawings, their perspectives reflect their unique take on what floated past them in an instant, greatly enhanced with their use of colours and also the mood/tone of the sketches. Nina says that Fashion Illustration is one more fantastic way to document an event. It is a great opportunity for students to see what happens behind the scenes and at the actual show, both of which will likely be in their future careers.

The Fashion Schools who contributed so much to the success of this event are: VCAD, (4 Designers, 3 Illustrators, Staff and Volunteers, and VCC and Blanche Macdonald provided expert Hair and Make-up crews.

Thank you to everyone for a fabulous Gala! And to the Illustrators, a special thank you for sharing your vision! I bow. #IFG20 #IFG @InternationalFashionGala

The gold dress by Eve Jenkins, Headpiece by Andrew Flatland, Model Dani Barnes

Alexandra Avenn

Madison Prangnell

Madison Prangnell, Illustrator, Designer VCAD Designer, Chantel Chang

Madison Prangnell, Illustrator, Designer Eve Jenkins, Headpiece by Andrew Flatland

Triptych Taylor, Illustrator,  VCAD Designer Chay Clayton

Me, Alexandra, Madison, and Trip

Me in my Renaissance jewelry by Carolyn Bruce

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