Saturday, November 10, 2018

Free The Tipple. Kickass Cocktails Inspird By Iconic Women. Author: Jennifer Croll, Vancouver. Illustrator: Kelly Shami, New York

When I saw that Jennifer Croll has a new book out, I had to own it. Free The Tipple, is her salute to sixty remarkable women and her own creative and achievable cocktails celebrating a special characteristic of each icon. At the launch, held behind those magic doors of The Emerald Supper Club, I sampled the Sofia Coppola, swerved with a slice of lemon in a delicate coupe glass. "Prosecco gives a nod to her Italian Heritage, eiderflower liqueur lends a complicated sweetness, and gin, a lot of backbone."

Jennifer's research is meticulous and her summations of these women's achievements, concise. The most important at a glance. But now, in their company, a signature drink in front of each, I wondered how this party started. She begins with Basic Equipment: shakers, strainers, blenders, muddlers, shot glasses and more. Glassware includes an illustration and the corresponding drink for each. The types of alcohol she uses and the extras: simple syrup, bitters, eggs and foamers, lots of new ideas, (at least for me) here. Garnishes and rims, yes, all adding to the specialness and to the celebration. The finale to this section is a two page spread of the drinks, ready to serve.

Frida Kahlo graces the book cover and so the first drink is The Frida Kahlo, a hibiscus flowered Margarita, with a garnish of edible flowers. The sixty women chosen, are not unfamiliar, because of their fame, but there are new things to learn about them, plus we have recently seen movies about them at VIFF, (IRIS, Grace Jones, Vivienne Westwood) and some have been here lately: Jane Goodall, Nigella Lawson, Dolly Parton, and Margaret Atwood (via virtual interviews and book signings).

At The Vancouver Art Gallery, you can see Guo Pei's brilliant yellow dress that  Rihanna wore at the Met Gala. A record producer by age 17, the multi talented Rihanna has a drink that includes gold rum, pineapple and an edible orchid. Rei Kawakubo (Designer of Comme des Garcons) and Yayoi Kusama, (Artist) both had wonderful exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum, not so long ago, and Yoko Ono had an exhibit in Toronto. If you ever wanted to see one of Edith Head's costumes, you have no further to go than to SMOC, where Ivan Sayers just might be showing one of heyu dresses. The inside of the book covers are red, just like those red soles on the highest of heels. Who can resist?

This book is a gem, a hold in your hand treasure, a celebration of iconic women, and the drinks that you can make to salute them. Cheers to two more unique creatives who bring them closer: Jennifer Croll and Kelly Shami.

Two books we have enjoyed by Jennifer Croll, here:

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The doors to the Emerald Supper Club, the site of Jennifer Croll's book launch

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