Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week - Nov. 17-20, 2016 Opening Night

At the Chinese Cultural Centre, we celebrated the 5th year of Art, Performance, Fashion, an explosive party of painting, sculpture, clothing design, often in process along the runway, behind the scenes and spilling out into the night. A four night extravaganza, began quietly with a tour of artists' galleries and photographers at work. Films from VALT 2012-15, were shown throughout the evening. We saw a sneak peek of runway designs that will take and make that runway, during each night. I was especially anticipating Carolyn Bruce's glitter statement. Performance, by Burns The Dragon, delighted us with juggling while dancing a complicated set of steps in exact time to the music, down that long, very brightly lit stage. Dani Barnes, The House of Barnes, was a grand finale of exotic, colorful, layered and textured, gowns for every event in your life. This was wearable art, a performance of gold and sparkle, a moving art gallery. Dynamic MC, Kieron Rhys Lillo, set the tone in face design and a suit with magic pockets."Do you want the prize in the box or that special one in my pocket?" There were quizzes based on the number 5, imagine 5 VALT weekends! Prizes included sets of glasses, gift certificates, one for a tattoo, and more. A chocolate fountain and bar were also stars. Such a birthday party! Such V for VALT Vavooom! Stage and red carpet weekend created for us by Kat Ferneyhough and Kat Kozak, team terrific!  All will be revealed through Peter Jensen Photography and the many media friends of Vancouver Alternative Arts and Fashion Week.

Let's get this party started
Photos by Colleen Tsoukalas and Dianna Drahanchuk

Leilani The Artist

Shiverz Designs

Emcee for the evening: Kieron Rhys Lillo

Jessica Sakeskanip

A.M.K. Designs

Burns the Dragon

House of Barnes

House of Barnes

House of Barnes

Kat Ferneyhough (Valt Co-founder and Creative Director)
and Kat Kozak (Co-Founder and Media Director) wrap up the evening

Bat-Fish Studio Tracy Yerrell, Surface Design Award Winner

Aurora Chan (Style by Fire) wearing Nicole Rose Designs
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