Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Carolyn Bruce Steampunk Jewellery Designer - Opening Night at Port Moody Arts Centre

Four of us took a road trip to see A Space In Time, a current exhibit featuring four artists from VCON 39 Art Show, a Vancouver science-faction, fantasy and gaming convention here, since the 70's.  While we were intrigued by Jeff Burnette's blown glass ray guns, fantasy illustrations by Melissa Mary Duncan and gorgeous paintings by Hing Kei, we focused on Steam Punk Jewellery Designer and Artist, Carolyn Bruce, as we had seen her work at VALT (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) ECO Fashion Week and recently at showing of the movie IRIS, in which we fundraised and dressed up. Note Carolyn and Victoria are wearing standout necklaces as are several other attendees.

We are jewellery enthusiasts so really loved the creative displays: on the walls, on heads, in cases, out in the open, everywhere, adding texture, color, eyes, clocks, chains, metals and so much more to the space.  We want to throw out our watches and keep time in new ways.  We want to feel that there is forest in the city and art in the technology.  There is a fantastic visual complexity about Carolyn Bruce's designs that as Diana Vreeland said, makes the eye travel and it certainly does every time her work is being displayed and being worn.  (Always with strength and attitude)  So here are some photos; go see the real gems for yourself.

Victoria Clements wearing that one of a kind jewellery, 
welcoming us, working her camera and doing sound bytes. 
 (None of us were speechless, of course)

Left to right - Siggy, Colleen, Connie, Lynn, looking to add to their collections
Photo by Victoria Clements

On Time

Putting on the top hat, getting ready to dazzle

Winding it up

Earrings and Owls - From the forest into the city

This one definitely is not just another brick in the wall!

Spiders and webs - time to create

Carolyn Bruce, we are awe struck!
Victoria Clements, thank you for showing us the way.
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