Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrating THECloset, An Ecoluxury Lifestyle Boutique, Coming to Gastown Soon!

You know Helen Siwak, President of eBay storefront, featuring fabulous labels treasure hunted at local thrifts and garage sales.  Then came, specializing in thrifted/consigned luxury fashion. (See PopUp write up here)  Of course, you can also find other services here like styling, personal shopping and lots of write-ups about current, eco-friendly fashion events, here in Vancouver. 

Last Sunday, Dianna Drahanchuk and I visited Helen to find out more about the soon to be here, "ecoluxury lifestyle boutique" that will offer those unique finds, top quality, not new but in perfect condition, clothing and accessories for women and men , as well as the same luxury in furniture, housewares, personal grooming, and pet products.  Additionally, THECloset will be a place where artisans and luxury designers will be able to sell their season ends, returns and warehoused stock.

Loved Helen's product list of musts:

*be secondhand                                                 *be sustainable
*be recycled or upcycled                                   *be vegan
*be hand-made                                                   *be organic
*be locally-made                                                *be fair trade
*be eco-friendly                                                 *benefit charity/cause

I know Helen through her detailed fashion posts, photography and beautifully curated vintage and luxury clothing collections.  Both Dianna and I had a great time touching those designer labels and trying on clothing we rarely see when we 'treasure hunt'.  It was fun to see other 'fashionistas' trying and buying, too! 

Lovely refreshments, a stylish 'movie set' (temporary display) and racks of clothes and accessories to get us all stage ready.  Can't wait for THE Closet, the store for the ultimate, 'conscious' investment in wardrobe and home.

Thanks, Helen!  We can't wait for THE Closet to open!
Thanks Dianna Drahanchuk for photos!

Helen Siwak holding a 2014 piece by FESVEDY

Me, as close as I will ever get to Alexander McQueen's silk jacket

Dylan Beatch #4in Christian Dior Sport.  Vintage Jacket 1980's

Sara Burke wearing a Karl Lagerfeld Jacket

Luxury everywhere

Dianna Drahanchuk, photographer, in Eli Tahari skirt

Me in Chanel Sunglasses - bring on the sun!

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