Friday, April 3, 2015


Former CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy USA, Chairman and CEO Donna Karan International, this is a vivid account of a successful business journey, and one that is a down to earth manual of best strategies for achieving one's vision. This is one man's way to the top so not everyone will have his energy nor his opportunities, however, his advice and experience do offer a clear path for those who have chosen the tough business of fashion and/or other entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Six key points are: Begin a Future, Select a Career Path, Prepare for Interviews, Stand Out From Your Co-Workers, Find Ways to Make An Impression on Management and Determine Your Best Skills and Follow the Course. Sound easy? No, it is work but in Weber's world, it is work that starts at the clerk level and expands through to CEO. All work experience should be regarded as steps to doing the work you really want to do.  Selecting a Career Path should be a goal, no matter where you are in the journey.  Interviews, when you get them are always chances: consider them part of your work as you need to note how what you have done will all be part of yours and your companies next steps.  Check with your references, keep them up to date and don't forget to thank people. Always have a great question that shows you've done your research and are thinking about new directions, product development, something new and creative for your interviewing team.  What can you bring that is different and special?  How can you learn from, share with, collaborate and eventually lead a management team?  What do you know you are best at, and what evidence supports this?  How can you put your talents into best practise ? Weber shows how he did it and gives concise, practical advice from one who is at the top of his game. This is a fast read, in three dramatic, yet realistic acts, and each chapter's highlights are summarized and boxed for a quick skim, first.  Warning: a skim will compel you to read further.  Success is always in fashion!!

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