Monday, October 6, 2014

From Rationing to Ravishing - Transformation of Women's Fashion -1940s & 1950s

Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, curated this wonderful exhibit from their own collections.  The Museum of Vancouver was once again transformed into a rich, visual history of the clothing and accessories of the war years and the rebuilding afterwards.  September 17th was the opening night and fashion photographers, writers and lovers of all things fashion made this a sold out performance!  There were spats, fedoras, two toned shoes and pocket watches.  Clock purses, poodle skirts, hats galore, suits, cocktail dresses, pearls and more creativity than you can imagine. 

Ivan introduced the collections, noting the hardships and devastation of war.  As he says, "We chose the artifacts for their relevance, their appearance and their stories." It was wonderful to have Ivan and Claus there, throughout the evening to discuss the exhibit.  If you look at the Museum of Vancouver's website, you will find tour dates that will really add to your experience.

The Museum of Vancouver also has a special fundraiser: a beautiful publication of photographs of items that represent: A Time to Be Strong - 1939-1945, New Look, New Woman 1947-1955, Girl Power 1955-59, Accessories, and Labels.  This is a great collectible, especially if you get it signed! The  book goes into a colorful Museum of Vancouver zippered bag.  Fantastic, record of a very memorable evening and collection. 

Kudos Ivan Sayers, Claus Jahnke, SMOC (Society for the Museum of Original Costume) crew and Museum of Vancouver!

1945 Canada - Rae Hildebrand, evening 
Dress with turban featuring sequined
fruit. Glamour through pattern rather than 
excessive fabric - war time restriction.
(Photos by Colleen and Connie)

Cocktail Dress - 1950 Silk Taffeta USA by Ceil 
Chapman, Marilyn Monroe's favorite designer

Gerhard Von Rosen, Fashion Photographer 
and best recorder of Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, 
curators of the current exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. 
From Rationing to Ravishing: The transformation of Women's 
Fashion - 1940's and 50's.

What the attendees wore to the opening of 
this exhibit: Pearls, Pill Hats and 
Peep Toes

Mom's home made poodle skirt and bobby 
socks to match

Clock purse

Canadians supporting the war effort:
1943, 1942, cotton shirt - v for victory, 
1942 overalls for women working at 

Canadian landscape

Cocktails or Dancing, anyone?

Day dresses - practical, easy care,
knee length
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