Monday, October 9, 2017

Three Fabulous Designers Rule the Runway at Vancouver Fashion Week Saturday Sept. 23

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The MEZIS S/S 2018 Collection by Korean Designer, Jang Hyun-Mi, sent out the most vibrantly colored coats that need to be in Vancouver, especially for the rainy season. This was very feminine line of dresses, skirts/blouses, lace over lace, white over white, soft colors, bows, scarves. at least 40 looks in all. Over the top achievement!

Marilyn Wilson, always dressed to the nines, waved and cheered from the front row!

FESVEDY, which speaks to me of celebration and festivals, showed their "cultured designs from all over the world" and featuring Georgian iconic symbols, marched powerfully in handmade leather boots, down the fashion runway. Marita Mamuchashvili and Kakha Beri, presented great complexity of design and layering in their fabrics. There was an 'otherworldliness' to this collection. It is a strong statement about wearing and sharing important cultural symbols. FESVEDY has been many places, most recently at New York Fashion Week. I met them Art World Expo here.

SAM STRINGER - Embers And Ashes is a greatly anticipated collection of couture, custom made dresses. Fabulous jewel colors, teal, gold, silver grey, fire - they seem so much more vibrant than the regular colors. These dresses are for those who will own the room, or will  immediately learn to do so. Amazon Fashion Week, in Tokyo, this October, will feature Sam's collection. So very lucky to be on the guest list. (We would never have this privilege in New York or Tokyo). People will be awed, there. 

Nico Gruzling, VCC Fashion Design Student, illustrated one of Sam's looks here.

In between shows, it is always fun to join friends and get snapped 
on the photo wall. So here we are: Irina, me, Rich and Dianna D, 
who took lots of photos of the big three. My Prada shoes and 
hat are courtesy of MySister's Closet. Vintage orange Kimono.

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