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IVAN SAYERS -Fashion Pirates - Copies and Fakes - SMOC- Sept. 24, 2017

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Even on his birthday, Ivan Sayers celebrates Fashion with Smoc! This time, he presented originals and copies from his own collection, and showed us some of the ways of finding out what is authentic and what is not. Copying has gone on throughout history. Sometimes it can be a tribute and sometimes it is downright piracy. These gorgeous sketches by Kathryn Potter Hammerton, Fashion Design Student from VCC, show the style and glamour that attracts us, but are these dresses one of a kind, signed originals, are they faithful copies, hand sewn, or mass produced? How much are they worth?

Ivan showed over 24 outfits, telling us where he acquired them and which were originals and which were copies. A few of the highlights are captured below. Ivan also brought his original catalogues and other sources he uses to identify and authenticate labels, dates, fabrics, buttons, colors, construction techniques and more.

Sketches by Kathryn Potter Hammerton

An Art Deco dress, a Worth copy, worn by Julie Christie in the film: 
McCabe and Mrs. Miller and another version, in grey, also a copy, 
no hand finished edges.

1957 red hat, gloves, dress an adaptation of a Dior Original. 
Each House kept a photo image of each design so it can be 
checked for authenticity.

Take off on a Mondrian Dress (1964) Yves St. 
Laurent, original dress was made of silk crepe

1980's cowboy boots, Cowichan sweater, a copy, and an example of 
cultural misappropriation, skirt is actually pants, shirt has a yoke 
reminiscent of German yoke style, evidence of many 
cultures making up a 'Canadian Look'.

People dress up for SMOC events. Here is a photo, by Lynn Katey, of Randi Winter, wearing a raw silk and bark cloth jacket, by designer, Josephine Hendo. Statement jewellery by well known, local designer, who has presented at SMOC, Carolyn Bruce-Steampunk Jewellery. For this event, I wore a plastic brooch, a  nod to Neo-Classical Architecture and my pop of color, Shibuya jacket,  a very fanciful, mass produced rendition that is already pilling. But, I love the message on the back: Never Give Up. Somewhere, every teen-ager is wearing this jacket; today, at SMOC, it is unique.

The birthday cake, thanks to Mary Wallace Poole for the photo before the cake was cut up and devoured, is a carrot cake, by VCC. Scrumptious snacks and fashion cookies by scratch baked goods also disappeared quickly.

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