Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Fabulous Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

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At the Seattle Art Museum, there are currently many wonderful exhibits but two really stood out for me, this time. The Native Art and Life Along The Northwest Coast, is an outstanding collection of masks, robes and clothing. The button and bead designs are vivid and precise, never anything random or unevenly spaced. The red and black are strong colors, especially on the coat by Dorothy Grant (now in Vancouver) and Robert Davidson, also working close to Vancouver. Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week featured their very statement making, iconic work.

The second exhibit is Infinity Mirrors, featuring the 50 year career by Japanese Artist, Yayoi Kusama. From red and black, from commanding masks, I went into bright pink balloons, multi colored dots, 5 rooms of kaleidoscopic 60's worlds. We entered each room and stayed for only a few seconds, in a small group of 3-4. We were amazed, awed, and a bit disoriented, but everyone took pictures and talked. The range of sculpture, painting and constructed environments, was extraordinary. We left with a small card of colored stickers, some of which were red and black. Connections, all important. ART, where would we be without it.

Wearing Carolyn Bruce Designs necklace, naturally

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