Thursday, May 11, 2017

Little Black Dress Gala Rehearsal - Getting Ready at the Roundhouse Community Centre

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On Sunday, May 7th, Victoria Clements, Dianna Drahanchuk and I went with Carolyn Bruce to meet models and get them ready to show off Carolyn's fabulous designs for The Little Black Dress Gala, May 26th at the majestic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Sarah, PR/Social Media, efficiently connected everyone. A dynamic team member, she calmed nerves and made everyone feel special. The thoughtfully organized day was led by Alpha B. Kirabira, Founder and Christine Michelle, Co-Producer, who made sure designers, models, media, and volunteers were supported, sustained (delicious refreshments) and assisted in all possible ways to prepare for the best fashion, art and performance, all for youth at risk. It seemed impossible that each outfit, tried on for the first time, fit and sparkled. The shoes matched the dresses, the zippers slid up smoothly, the fascinators captivated, the masks both hid and revealed, all magic by design. Watch for embellished jackets in all of the colors of Spring. The tallest heels, bejeweled booties, Roman and Greek sandals and soles, red, deepest black and silver and gold, leading the way.

The tools were all there: tape measures, scissors, pins, ... but glue, no, everything was so ready. Tears, screams, swearing, none to be heard. Crashes, bashes, cameras dropping, batteries dying, no, none of that, either. It was smooth, it was fast and it was the hardest work ever. But, everything and everyone is Gala ready. See you on the red carpet! Full list of designers available here.

PS. Can't give any secrets away before the 26th so here are a few glimpses of the fabrics and feathers.

Christine Michelle, Co-Producer and Alpha B. Kirabira, Founder

Kseniia Lieontieva
Model Coordinator and Fashion Show Producer

Alpha and Christine leading the day

Sarah, PR/Social Media, Little Black Dress also coordinated the fittings

Nicole Rose Designs

Dianna and I will be attending along with Carolyn and Victoria!

Carolyn and Victoria!

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