Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bright Lights on Opening Night of Vancouver Fashion Week, 2017

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No matter what the weather, the giant welcome #VFW, outside of the Chinese Cultural Centre, has been there for many seasons and serves as the first 'fashion photo wall' before you enter the busy excitement of a week of international and local design, style for all ages and endless opportunities to not only see what's on the runway but maybe even to get on it, yourself.

Everyone dresses for Fashion Week, as it is the perfect place for creative self expression. Just when you think you have the perfect look, you meet new ones, outside the venue, at registration (staff looks dazzling) upstairs in make-up and buying areas, in the many new collections every season, and yes, on the runway as you join everyone between shows. So how about these cuffs and that purse by Carolyn Bruce Steampunk Jewellery?

I love that Vancouver Fashion Week is officially proclaimed, this time by City Councillor Kerry Jang. VFW is a showcase of creative talent, an effective and attractive production every night, and a great way to bring people together to share ideas through design.

It was a pleasant surprise to me to learn that VFW offers make-up, this time by Ana V, touch ups for that special photo and yes, you will find several 'fashion walls' and lots of photographers to capture just that look. It is all part of the experience that makes VFW a week to see new fashions, meet designers, try out that runway, support designers by buying and wearing their fabulous, unique creations and practise those social media skills. I even learned about vlogging - video blogging and Snapchat. VFW keeps us all coming back for more. LaSalle College started the whole week off, with its statement of excellence by opening the Gala. It starts with the kids and goes from there. Ever onward!

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