Friday, March 25, 2016

12th Time Gold for LaSalle College, at Vancouver Fashion Week 2016

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LaSalle always turns out the best runway shows and this one was no exception. Collaborating with the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, (SOM) and the Nimbus School of  Recording and Media, LaSalle designers' models were each accompanied by a different music video by SOM students and vocals were by LiSophie Elder-Labrie, also of SOM. Tracey Pincott, a Vancouver Producer, staged this masterpiece and stunning Lizbell models really showcased the expert design and highlighted the theme of rhythm and movement, and the richness and complexity of multi cultures and individual voice and style.

Staff, Families and Friends, dress for the occasion, fill the first few rows of seats, cheer, applaud and stand at the end of each show. Many of them wear those wonderful designs. Students hug their instructors. This is a huge collaboration and celebration of Students' and Schools' fine achievement.
Five students presented 8 looks and I chose one or two favorites from each. For more details and photos, please check out Marilyn R. Wilson's blog: Olio. You can also view our coverage of last year's show here.

Thanks for the invitation, and kudos all!

I am truly Singing in the Rain, remembering LaSalle, this season!

Nargas Khabazha, Instructor Fashion Design, 
LaSalle and Lorraine (first timer at VFW)

Jamal Abdourahman and Nargas

Diego Do Livramento, Director LaSalle College, 
amid rows of staff and student supporters

 PLUM Clothing, owner Kate O'Brien and friends

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