Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Vacation - Off to... Italy!

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Happy long weekend to those of you reading this in Canada! I'm off today on my latest travel adventure to Italy for two weeks. I haven't had a big adventure like this since France and I have to say I'm really excited it's finally here! My parents have been visiting over the last few days and helping me get ready for the trip. Thanks to my amazing parents! Photos below are from our weekend adventures :)

What I learned about packing light:
  • I probably pack double the amount of items I actually need - I'm learning to edit
  • If you forget it, you can most likely buy it!
  • Try to mix and match outfits - when you are adding items ask yourself "what does this go with?"
  • Bring things that can be worn multiple times - ie BLACK!
  • Roll, fold and tuck things in as tightly as possible
  • Shoes should go in plastic bags and intimates should have their own bag as well
  • I packed: three or four dresses, my Kaliyana suit for photos at the Colosseum, three pairs of jeans, one pair of black capris, one dressy pair of heels, two pairs of sandals, one pair of Toms, one light jacket for the evenings, one jean jacket, five or six shirts/tanks/tops, two pairs of shorts, a few pairs of socks, two bathing suits and that is pretty much it!
  • If I hadn't had help - I would probably have packed double the items above. No idea why!
  • Packing for a beach vacation? Marta of withlovegabrielle wrote a great post this morning on how to pack for a beach vacation - be sure to check it out!
  • Will be attempting to post while in Italy so follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr for updates as well. 

At the AGO

Impromptu back alley photo

 Toronto Island adventures

Toronto from afar

Last breakfast in Toronto

Vitamin C

Never leave without my Canada pins <3 i="">

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Jenny said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time in Italy! I loved reading about your packing adventure. It's hard to pack light when you need to pack enough to last you across the world.

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